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Between small climbing hanger plates that deform over 500 kg (daN)
and the large, custom-designed, welded anchor plates, nothing existed!

Today there are reinforced anchor plates on the market, fixed by two M12 or 1/2" bolts,
which accept heavy loads in all possible directions of force.

These plates, originally designed for fall  protection safety for up to three people, remain very compact and economical.

They also provide maximum functionality for acrobatic rigging and lifting needs.


This product is available on stock in Black or Gray.


The main advantages of these reinforced hanger plates are:
 * they are economical and on average 10 x cheaper than a custom welded plate 
 * they accept heavy loads in all directions
 * that they cannot be unscrewed by turning as they are fixed by two points
 * they offer a good level of redundancy because of the two bolting points
 * they do not rust because they are made of aluminum
 * and that they have a round profile that respects contact with the aluminum carabiners


As a result, both for fall-protection anchors and for acrobatic rigging needs, these hanger plates constitute a magnificent technical proposal.

For fall protection uses

 * Anchor point approved for 3 users
 * Approved for rope access : CQP DPMC, SPRAT and IRATA
 * Complies with standard EN 795 with guaranteed strength greater than 1400 kg (daN) [ 1200 + 100 + 100 ]

For acrobatic rigging and lifting uses

Although these reinforced plates were not originally designed for lifting or acrobatic rigging needs,
their excellent strength and their very high level of traceability and compliance (EN 795) allow them to be used for functions which respect their mechanical capacities.

With a breaking load limit greater than 2800 kg (daN) in all directions, and based on the regulatory lifting coefficients (machinery directive 2006-42 chap. 4),
their use at a SWL of 700 kg (daN) is validated in all directions.

As a result, these reinforced plates are highly valued for occasional lifting needs in industry,
as well as for the rigging of circus apparatus, pulley systems and guy lines in circus schools and in acrobatic practice facilities.


 * 100% aluminum system to guarantee a better lifespan
 * Aesthetic and discreet design that respects the contact with the connectors
 * Guaranteed for 10 years against any manufacturing defect
 * EN 795 fall protection anchor point approved for 3 persons
 * Anchor point approved for rope access
 * Compatible with the most common boltings on the market:
     - M12 or 1/2" studs (in concrete)
     - M12 or 1/2" chemical anchor rods (in concrete)
     - M12 or 1/2" bolts (in metal brackets)
     - 12 mm or 1/2" lag screws (in wood)

 * Length: 140 mm
 * Width: 72 mm
 * Total height: 59 mm
 * Height lost at anchor: 42 mm
 * Center distance between the fixings: 100 mm
 * Diameter of fixing holes: 14 mm
 * Recommended size for fixings: M12 or 1/2''
 * Connection hole diameter: 26mm
 * Color: Raw aluminum
 * WLL: 700daN (kg)
 * MBS:> 2800 daN (kg)
 * Standard: EN 795-A1 2012 both in static and dynamic



Length140 mm
Width72 mm
Height59 mm
Thickness16 mm
Between axes100 mm
Inside Ø26 mm
Screw ØM12 or 1/2''
Openning size26 x 26 mm
SafetyDouble anchor
Angle100% Capacity in every direction
Load3 persons
WLL700 kg (daN)
Breaking load> 1800 kg (daN)
StandardEN 795-A1 (2012)
Weight235 g
OtherBetween axis 100 mm

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PA2 anchor point raw

PA2 anchor point raw

Very versatile and economical anchor point for heavy loads in all directions. Acrobatics and Fall Protection.


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