POINT ANCHOR fall arrest

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Our anchor straps are made from premium materials, ensuring strength and durability to withstand the harshest environments. Anchorage connectors are the unsung heroes of most fall protection systems, often ignored, but they are essential components because they securely fix your system to the anchor. Your choice of anchorage depends on the type of work done. Anchors vary according to the materials to which they will be attached (steel, concrete) or the applications where they will be used (generic / all-purpose, roofing, specialized use). They can also be mobile or fixed, or permanent or portable. They must all provide a secure anchorage point to ensure full personal fall protection equipment.



 * Can be used in 3 charging directions
 * Can be used at height, on a wall or on the ground
 * Can be fixed with a 12 mm bolt.
 * Uses industry standard fasteners
 * 316 stainless steel
 * For protection against corrosion


 * Installation type : Removable
 * Brand : PROTECTA®
 * Size : 50 mm
 * Equipped with iSafe technology : No
 * Length : 50 mm
 * Physical weight : 0.11 kg (0.2lbs)
 * Product types : Fixed
 * Product Types : Anchor points for steel Anchor points for concrete
 * Standards : CE, EN795, Class A


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POINT ANCHOR fall arrest

POINT ANCHOR fall arrest

ANCHOR POINT fall arrest


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