HILTI HIS-N - Female Anchor Sleeve

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These high-quality female sockets are intended for fastening of anchor plates and rings. They are to be laid with a suitable chemical sealing resin.

Depending on the applications, they are useful for the anchoring rings in the walls, the suspension points of the aerial apparatus and the anchorages of the tight wires.

Their use in addition to rotating and articulated lifting rings makes it possible to create hidden anchorages on existing surfaces, whether in walls or floors.

Available sizes

Size of the sleeveM10M12M16M20
Lenght of the sleeve110 mm125 mm170 mm205 mm
Depth of threading
- max.
25 mm30 mm40 mm50 mm
Depth of threading
- min
10 mm12 mm16 mm20 mm
Outside diameter17 mm21 mm25 mm28 mm
Hole in the plate12 mm14 mm18 mm22 mm
Working Load Limit600 daN1000 daN1500 daN2500 daN

These loads vary according to the quality of the ring and the support.


- Internal thread for direct connection of M10 ; M12; M16 or M20 screws.
- Socket in galvanized steel.
- Installation in concrete or solid masonry according to the instructions.


- These sleeves make it possible not to exceed the anchorages of the surface concerned.
- They leave a smooth surfaces.
- and make it possible to install and dismantle the rings or plates of anchorages according to the needs.
- This allows to invest only in a small number of plates or rings and to move them following to the request.
- Installed with a cap screw properly molded in the chemical seal, the holes are safe and do not get dirty.
- For ground anchors, these solutions are by far the most suitable ones.
- These sockets accept very high loads and allow to anchor the taut balanced wires.

DiameterM10 to M20
WLLSee Drawings

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HILTI HIS-N - Female Anchor Sleeve

HILTI HIS-N - Female Anchor Sleeve

HILTI HIS - Female anchor sleeve to create non-overhanging anchors.


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