Articulated Rotating Ring

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This ring is one of the most popular because it presents an unrivaled value for money.

It brings all the advantages of rotating articulated rings and makes it possible to efficiently create removable anchorages that can be moved from one point to another.

Lifting ring with double articulation: FLAT POINT


- Rotate at the 360 ​​° in the axis of the screw
- Ring is articulated in the other plane at 180 °
- Self-aligning in the natural axis of the load
- Maintains 100% capacity in all directions
- Allows easy assembly and dismantling of anchor rings


- The double hinged lifting ring has been specially designed for lifting with rotations
- Loadable in all directions without loss of WLL
- Tilting stirrup, turns in all directions
- Double articulation allowing to automatically place the ring in the line of the sling
- Ring & Screws are checked and 100% tested
- Simple installation, only one threaded hole or throughput necessary
- Construction Extremely small, very compact
- The FLAT POINT ring can rotate 360 ​​° in fully screwed position
- Complies with European standards

Available models

The most useful models are available: M12, M16 and M20

Specifications in M12 size

- BLL: Breaking Load Limit: 3200 daN (kg) (7050 LBS)
- WLL: Working Load Limit: 800 daN (kg) (1760 LBS)
- Design Factor: 4
- Weight: 730 g

Specifications in M16 size

- BLL: Breaking Load Limit: 6000 daN (kg) (13215 LBS)
- WLL: Working Load Limit: 1500 daN (kg) (3300 LBS)
- Design Factor: 4
- Weight: 770 g

Specifications in M20 size

- BLL: Breaking Load Limit: 10000 daN (kg) (13215 LBS)
- WLL: Working Load Limit: 2500 daN (kg) (3300 LBS)
- Design Factor: 4
- Weight: 920 g

Screw ØChoose from above
Fonction(s)Articulated Rotating
MaterialHigh Grade Steel
ColorGreen and Black

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Articulated Rotating Ring

Articulated Rotating Ring

"FLAT POINT" articulated rotating rings


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