Acrobatic Beam Clamp with Pulleys

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Acrobatic Rigging Beam Clamp for steel beams, with pulleys intended for acrobatics and Circus Arts activities.


Description :

V shaped steel rigging system intended for lifting and diverting acrobatic apparatus using textile ropes or in direct connection to the side plates. Suitable for safety lunge lines.
WLL = 750 daN (kg)


Certification :

CE Certified for acrobatic uses.


Working Load :

WLL = 750 daN (kg) vertically or from angles less than 45°.
Deviations perpendicular to the plane of the side plate must be limited to 5°.
This Working Load Limit is both global AND local AND simultaneous. That means 750 daN could be applied to one side plate, or the other, or to the center pipe. But the total amount of load must be limited to 750 daN. For example, you can rig one system at 250 daN on a side plate, 200 daN on the other and 300 daN on the center
pulley. The global load cannot exceed 750 daN simultaneously.
In calculating these loads, one must account for the resultant forces on the pulley.(see attached diagrams)


Breaking Load :

The system includes a design factor of 4. That means the breaking load limit is greater than 3000 daN on any permissible axis as described.


Installation :

Non-destructive installation by clamping existing beams.
Easy to mount and remove. No drilling required.
Suitable for beam flanges from 70 mm to 300 mm wide.
Custom fabrication for other beam configurations available from CATS on request.
Unless otherwise specified, CATS provides a 200 mm standard kit, which the installer must cut to fit the required size. This includes cutting a 3 M16 (Ø 16 mm) threaded shaft and one Ø 50 x 2 mm steel pipe. (See manual for detailed explanation. )
The product is provided ready to install, including threaded shafts and nylon-insert locking nuts.
Fasteners must be tightened to the appropriate torque (from 80 to 100 Nm) using a torque wrench or other suitable means.


Apparatus lateral lifting :

Use any rope suitable for your needs between 3 and 12 mm in diameter (rope not included)
To raise the ropes at the end of the session, a line weight of 3 to 5 kg is required. This is to insure the line can be lowered, overcoming the rope self-weight and friction.
The included pulleys are intended to facilitate the travel of rope through an unloaded system. They are not designed for applications requiring low friction on loaded systems. This system allows the user to manipulate ropes upwards and downwards carrying the ballast bags or the weight of the apparatus (maximum 40 daN). The integral sheaves ARE designed to support human loads, but NOT to raise and lower people in motion. For applications requiring live lifting of performers, use a conventional (or low friction) pulley attached to the perforated side plate.
The above requirement also applies to lanyards (safety lunges). However, for low speed lanyards (quasi-static uses) such as hand balancing, hand to hand, static trapeze, etc., use of the integrated pulleys is permitted.
For lanyards or lunges that induce higher speeds such as teeter board, russian swing, trampoline, swinging trapeze, etc., use of the integrated pulleys is NOT permitted. These high speed applications require adding conventional or low-friction pulleys as described above. NOTE: lateral angling of the suspension line toward its wall or floor anchor requires the anchor point on the wall or floor be designed to resist an angled force.


Acrobatic use :

Compatible with the use of swivels.
Incompatible for swinging. To resist lateral (perpendicular) or swinging loads, we recommend transferring the load through a guyed spreader bar with bearings or choosing other suitable products in the range.


Finish :

- Standard color: Black. (generally in stock)

- Special colors available on request (free for 10 pieces and more)

- Product comes with two perforated side plates.

- Product delivered with a pulley on the central tube and its keeper plates.

- Other compatible pulley and plate kits available in the product range.


Technical Specifications :

- WLL vertical : 750 daN (kg)

- WLL angle : 750 daN (kg) up to 45°

- Minimal beam flange : 70 mm

- Maximal beam flange : 300 mm

- Compatibe rope : Ø 12 mm maximum (not included)

- CE : Yes

- Design Factor : 4

- Breaking load : Greater than 3000 daN (kg)

- Material : Steel

Rope ØMax. 12 mm
WLL750 daN
Breaking loadMore than 3000 daN (kg)
ManufacturerCATS Engineering

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Acrobatic Beam Clamp with Pulleys

Acrobatic Beam Clamp with Pulleys

Acrobatic Beam Clamp with Pulleys for I and H beams

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