Counterweight Sandbag Black Z

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​Sand bags for counterweights, flying
effects and counterbalanced systems.

Stackable bags available in 2 different sizes: 10 kg and 20 kg.


These bags are designed and optimized for the easy realization of counterweight systems for lifting,
entertainment special effects (FlyingFX) of shows, performer flying devices and counterbalanced movements.

They are designed to be filled with sand or other materials and are easily stacked thanks to the lateral connections of standard carabiners. They also feature a central anchor point at the top thanks to the carrying strap and a low center point under the bag.

When attached by the sides, the lateral straps carry the weights of each bag. They can then be placed one below the other to form a column of maximum 150 kg.

The different sizes are matched and compatible with each other.


2 Sizes available to select from above.


Size Model S:

* Mass: between 8 and 10 kg (depending on the nature of the sand and the filling used)

* Dimensions (without strap): 20 x 20 x (h) 20 cm

* Height with carrying strap: (h) 32 cm


Size Model L :​​

* Mass: between 16 and 20 kg (depending on the nature of the sand and the filling used)

* Dimensions (without strap): 20 x 20 x (h) 35 cm

* Height with carrying strap: (h) 48 cm

Width20 cm
Height20 or 35 cm
Diameter20 cm
Breaking loadOver 300 daN
Weight8/10 or 16/20 kg
ManufacturerBlack Z

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Counterweight Sandbag Black Z

Counterweight Sandbag Black Z

Weight SANDBAGS for counterweights, Flying FX and counterbalanced systems.


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