ANCHOR PLATE for pulley deviation

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Top Anchor Plate allowing to hang 2 pulleys without them conflicting.

Ideal product for the management of artist's safety line pulleys !!

CATS Engineering, specialist in technical acrobatic equipment has developed this anchor plate for the management of artist's safety lines.
Pulleys connection, their spacing and the offset at altitude are optimized to eliminate problems related to the working axes of pulleys (different between the two pulleys).

The 4 oval holes on each side of the plate will allow you to easily anchor the plate and to have a translation tolerance of 2.5 cm maximum.

This plate was originally designed to be equipped with 8mm stainless steel bow shackles and Core RONSTANT pulleys. Of course other connectors (quick link, carabiner) and other types of pulleys can be used.

Specs :

Fixed by anchors adapted to the support. If in doubt, contact a competent installer.
8 oblong holes 14 mm are provided for this purpose.

Length22 cm
Width15 cm
Height9.7 cm
Thicknessplate : 6 mm
Diameterholes : 15 mm
Screw ØTrous : 13.5 mm
WLL1 t
Breaking load4 t
Weight2.100 kg
ManufacturerCATS Engineering

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ANCHOR PLATE for pulley deviation

ANCHOR PLATE for pulley deviation

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