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These giant pulleys are designed to let the knots through.

Extremely compact and lightweight, the KOOTENAY ULTRA keeps the same abilities as the other KOOTENAYs.


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The legendary Arnor LARSON, in the late 80's, proposed the production by ROCK EXOTICA of an original pulley allowing the passage of knots: The KOOTENAY Model.
Kootenay is a mountainous region located in the extreme southeastern corner of the province of British Columbia in Canada.

Its optimized design and two ball bearings make the Kootenay Ultra the most advanced pulley in its class.


Description and benefits

This pulley is mainly intended for complex rope installations, in rescue environments and GRIMP activities in particular. #Grimpday.
Its usual use is based on the principle of zip lines, with a translation of the pulley on one or two carrying ropes,
possibly completed with a lifting system to create a 2D flight device with a translation independent of the lift.

It has 5 distinct holes in the lower part, generally used as follows:
 * Two holes for the translation lines;
 * Two holes for lifting lines;
 * A central hole for hauling the lifting line or for other needs.


Fixed Drum!

Another use is to mount it as a fixed rope termination drum, for very tight set-up or knot-sensitive fibers (Aramids, HMPE, Dyneema, Technora, etc.).
This assembly consists in blocking the sheave of the pulley with the locking screw hidden from the central axis (delivered as standard with KOOTENAY)
and wrap the rope around the sheave became a Fixed Drum to protect the rope by offering a large diameter: respect of the optimal D:d ratio.



 * Facilitates fixed drum use with a single locking screw, hidden and stored in the central axis
 * Mounted with two sealed, independent ball bearings for durability and maximum efficiency
 * Two additional holes to separate the translation (tag) lines and lifting (hoist) lines
 * Good organization to prevent rotation of the load and avoid interference between connectors.

 * Reference model: P3
 * Minimum Breaking Load (MBS): 39 kN
 * Maximum Working Load (WLL): 6 kN
 * Diameter of the sheave: 2.2 "/ 56 mm
 * Rope diameter: 8 to 19 mm
 * Weight: 25 oz / 711 g
 * Type: Double Bearing
 * Certification: CE 0120


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Width104 mm
Height218 mm
Thickness75 mm
Sheave ØMin 56 mm
Rope Ø8 to 19 mm (no limit)
WLL600 daN (kg)
Breaking load3900 daN (kg)
Weight711 g
ManufacturerRock Exotica

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The KOOTENAY ULTRA giant pulley from ROCK EXOTICA is designed to pass the knots through.


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