Open loop HEAVY DUTY TUBULAR sling - 28 mm - 45 KN

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A very original open loop due to its quality, construction and high strength.
A novelty that constitutes a unique offer in this market and is already a great success.


Made from TWO TUBULAR STRAPS nested in high strength polyamide:
 - The first of 28 mm flat is black and participates in protection;
 - The second, inside, of 26 mm flat is red and serves as alert in case of excessive wear.
The combination of the two straps makes it possible to obtain a DOUBLE STRENGTH of a traditional open loop strap in a single product.


*** This Product is a perfect intermediate between a standard open loop strap and a lifting tubular textile sling. ***



 * Valid for both acrobatic rigging and fall protection anchorage points (EN 795 class B)
 * Produced using tubular BLACK webbing for external protection and a RED load bearing internal webbing
 * The tubular construction offers a great flexibility during the installation because it naturally adapts to the shape of the support,
    Especially in small spaces
 * Available in 60, 80 and 120 cm
 * Black color
 * Mass: 110 to 200 g
 * MBS: 45 kN
 * Safety standards: EN 795 class B - EN 354 - ANSI Z359.1 (temporary anchors)



Ref.Name of the ProductWeightMBS
gkNEN 354EN 795/BZ359.1
2034060TRUCK LOOP 60 cm11045
2034080TRUCK LOOP 80 cm14045
2034120TRUCK LOOP 120 cm20045









Length60, 80 or 120 cm
Width28 mm
Thickness4,5 mm
SafetyDouble layer
Breaking load45 kN
StandardEN795/B - EN354 - ANSI Z359.1
Weight110 to 200 g

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Open loop HEAVY DUTY TUBULAR sling - 28 mm - 45 KN

Open loop HEAVY DUTY TUBULAR sling - 28 mm - 45 KN

HEAVY DUTY Reinforced and Tubular DOUBLE LAYER open loop - Camp TRUCK LOOP 45 KN


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