DMM Thimble 6 mm

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Resistant and elegant, the DMM Pro Thimbles are high strength stainless steel anchoring components with a beautiful finish.

DMM Equalising Thimbles are available in 4 sizes. They are rope and textile friendly and can be used as transition/junction points between a wide range of wire rope and textile components.

Excellent product for the production of acrobatic systems.

6 mm model.


The new DMM thimble range has been developed to be incorporated into any system requiring a high strength, low friction, corrosion resistant termination. Equally at home in use with metal or textile cordage, our thimbles allow for equalising of loads across both strands as well as protecting the cordage from abrasion and overly tight bend radii damage. Super smooth internal finishing of the main eye enables easy rigging of compact and simple mechanical advantage systems and promotes free running on tension lines, etc. The open sided rope channels allow for easy inspection of cordage. Investment cast in stainless steel, hand finished and electro polished.



- Compatible with wire or textile ropes with smooth outer surfaces, entrance flares and rope channels
- Protects ropes and terminations against abrasion and tight bend radii
- Open sided rope channels permit inspection of cordage
- Low surface friction allows textile ropes to move efficiently
- Enables compact and simple mechanical advantage systems
- Helps equalize loads on both sides of the thimble
- Sized to allow rotation of most carabiner securing mechanisms
- Corrosion resistant
- Investment cast in stainless steel combines high strength and hardness with excellent corrosion resistance
- Hand finished
- Electro polished




Thimble 6 mm40 kN-52 x 32 x 12 mm56 gS2900
Thimble 6 mm Long40 kN-60 x 40 x 12 mm70 gS2900L
Thimble 8 mm40 kN-58 x 44 x 14 mm86 gS2908
Thimble 8 mm Tab40 kN-58 x 44 x 14 mm92 gS2908T
Thimble 10 mm40 kN-70 x 53 x 17 mm136 gS2910
Thimble 12 mm40 kN-75 x 55 x 19 mm150 gS2912




​- Rope and connector friendly
- Can be used as a transition/junction point between a range of hardware and textile components
- Forms an open eye in textile loops enabling quick and easy attachment of components
- Compatible with ‘moving’ or stationary rope
- When used in place of a pulley in a compact hauling system, removes the need for additional equipment such as connectors and reduces overall height of the hauling system
- Available in 6mm



Minimum breaking strength for a thimble is dependent on the
wire or textile rope connected to the thimble and termination
strength. Therefore, Equalising Thimbles can not be strength
rated. As an indication of potential strength, thimbles configured
with high performance synthetic fibre rope have withstood 35kN
with only minor surface deformation during our in-house testing.


​Suggested Areas of Application

- Retrieval of fall protection anchor assemblies within tree care and rope access
- Rigging and rescue
- compact hauling systems
- Abrasion protection for rope terminations
- Horizontal lifelines – torsion resistant supports and sliding attachment points
- Protection device for rope-to-rope contact points


Length49 - 59 or 71 mm
Width30 - 44 or 53 mm
Thickness12 - 16 or 18 mm
Rope Ø6 - 8 or 10 mm
Inside Ø19 - 25 or 30 mm
Size6 - 8 or 10 mm
MaterialStainless Steel
Breaking load40 kN

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DMM Thimble 6 mm

DMM Thimble 6 mm

6 mm DMM Tab thimble for good protection of ropes and cables against friction and wear.


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