Performer flying Pulley - Medium

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This high performance pulley has been specially developed for theatrical flights and performer
lifting applications with very fine wires (0.8 to 6 mm).

Its diamond shape and its opening by simple rotation of the flange make it a complementary product of the ranges of existing
work in height pulleys.

Developed and manufactured in France, this CE certified product is available in two sizes: Medium and Large.


Product Features : Medium Size

Performance and Yarn management

- Very low friction thanks to the use of an efficient ball bearing and a large sheave

- Sheave optimized for a good D:d ratio (Ø of the sheave / Ø of the wire)

- Pulley designed to manage very small wires (from 0.8 mm)

- Excellent keeper system design

- Counter-flanges returning over the edges of the sheave and preventing the thread from engaging between the two

- Removable and multi-position keeper pins interlocked in the counter-flanges to prevent the thread from slipping between the two

Security and hooks

- Pulley opening by scissors by rotation of the flanges around the central axis

- Automatic locking by the presence of the connector preventing any opening

- Holes on both sides to connect other elements

- Numerous connection to facilitate complex installations (translations)

- Easy to position the pulley in space

- Possibility to chain the connection of several pulleys in a row



- Use of standard ball bearings for easy maintenance operations

- Easy maintenance and inspection thanks to the accessibility of all components



- Light product thanks to the use of recessed plates and components made of technical plastics

- Mechanical resistance adapted to Performer Flying and Human Lifting

- Compatible with high speeds of the wires

- BLL: Breaking Load Limit: 2400 daN (kg) (5280 LBS)

- Design Factor: 5

- WLL: Working Load Limit: 400 daN (kg) (882 LBS)


Length240 mm
Width126 mm
Thickness34 mm
Sheave Ø76 mm
Rope ØMax 10 mm
Outside Ø126 mm
Fonction(s)Scissor Opening
SafetyKeeper pin
MaterialSteel + Plastic
WLL400 daN (kg) (882 LBS)
Breaking load2400 daN (kg) (5280 LBS)
EfficiencyLow Friction (2,7%)
Weight0,890 kg
ManufacturerBlack Z
SpeedMax 80 km/h

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Performer flying Pulley - Medium

Performer flying Pulley - Medium

High performance scissor opening pulley for theatrical flights and acrobatic use. Medium Size.


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