Round ground anchor plate - Small

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Small multi-anchor acrobatic round ground plate.

Versatile model for acrobatic use: haulings, guy lines, safety lines, rigging deviation and lifting systems.

#AcrobaticRigging special design.


CATS Engineering offers a multitude of solutions for acrobatic anchors and Circus Arts.
These products are mainly intended for circus schools and permanent rehearsal studios that need to be equipped with solid, ergonomic, reliable and certified anchors.


Multi-connection round plate:

This multi-anchor round plate has become a standard for ground anchors and apparatus rigging lateral deviation.
It was initially developed for the fixed points of the safety lines of aerial apparatuses (Swinging trapeze, Cloud swing, etc.),
but it quickly became indispensable for other requests:
 * Equipment lateral suspension deviation with or without hauling system (mechanical advantage)
 * The guy lines of dismountable apparatus such as the Chinese poles
 * The guy lines of the apparatus generating strong tensions such as the Tight Wires


Advantages :

It has been improved and redesigned over time to be:
* More strong: Breaking Load Limit beyond 6000 kg (daN) - Working Load Limit of 1500 kg (daN) effective in daily use
* More versatile: 4 anchors points available each accepting a 2 t shackle
* More practical: Fixing possible by 2 or 4 M12 screws
* More ergonomic: Its unique shape and central mounting make it easy to assemble, disassemble and store quickly
* More safe: Its 18 mm holes allow you to release the carabiner's movements so that they naturally orient themselves
* More protective: It is compact and rounded to minimize the risk of injury and ground hazards
* More tolerant: Its over-depth base plate washer makes it possible to mark the technical floors evenly, regardless of the orientation of the plate
* More adapted: For the mechanical advantages with horizontal deflection, the plate manages well the presence of two simple pulleys instead of a double pulley (to avoid friction)
* More compatible: The holes directly accept a WICHARD 6 or 8 mm self-locking shackle, which allows you to place your pulleys directly
* Always so reliable: This product is CE certified for acrobatic use and comes with technical instructions and diagrams


Position :

This plate was originally designed to be placed on the ground.
But it could also be placed on a wall or ceiling.
Be careful, however, to avoid rotating it and loosening the center screw.


Specifications :

 * Outside diameter: 144 mm
 * Height above ground level: 63 mm
 * Diameter of the 8 main holes: 18 mm
 * Weight: 1,1 kg
 * Material: Steel + Powder coated paint
 * Color: Usually stored in BLACK
 * For other colors on request, please contact us
 * Special rates on request for 6 or more pieces


Resistance :

 * WLL : 1500 kg (daN) overall
 * WLL : 1500 kg (daN) per point in all directions vertically and outwards (see diagram in the pictures)
 * Center points are optimized for rather vertical pulls or up to 30°
 * External points are optimized for rather horizontal pulls or up to 45°
 * Ability to pull horizontally in opposite directions
 * Pulling tolerance out of the plane of steel plates of + or - 15 °


Rotation of the plate:

The plate is likely to turn on itself to orient in the axis of the effort thanks to the long holes for the screws.
It is therefore necessary to orient it in the desired direction and then tighten your screws or your M12 studs to the torque (50 Nm in general)
This behavior is rather positive because it allows the plate to work in the right direction.


Usage tips :

This plate can be installed from:
 * Anchor bolts (eg 2 to 4 x M12 x 100 mm stud or wedges)
 * or chemical anchor techniques (2 to 4 x M12 rods)
 * or conventional bolts (in a drilled or adapted support)
 * or screws combined with Hilti HIS female bushings which allow the plates to be removed without obstacles protruding from the ground
 * or any other fastening technique that uses the holes provided for this purpose: the external holes M12
In all cases, it is up to the installer and the operator to ensure the strength of their supports and their fixings.

The tightening torques can vary according to your technologies and your support.
In classic circumstances, these torques are:
 * 50 Nm on M12 screws or studs at + or - 5 Nm

 * In order to withstand the forces, the plate must be well pressed on its support
 * The support must be flat so that the plate presses well on all its surface of external contact
 * Always use quality hardware (Minium quality 8.8 for screws and nuts)
 * Make sure that your support is adequate (material, resistance, etc.)
 * Make sure your fastening techniques are adequate (chemical anchors, mechanical bolts, etc.)
 * Regularly check your equipment and inspect at least once a year according to the regulation of lifting accessories



Length144 mm
Width144 mm
Height63 mm
Thickness8 mm
Diameter144 mm
Inside Ø18 mm
Screw Ø2 ou 4 x M12
AngleIn the plane
WLL1500 kg (daN)
Breaking load6000 kg (daN)
StandardDIR 2006-42-CE
Weight1,1 kg
ManufacturerCATS Engineering

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Round ground anchor plate - Small

Round ground anchor plate - Small

Small multi-anchor round plate to place on the ground - Versatile model for acrobatic use.