CONTRACT 10.5 mm

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The semi-static BEAL CONTRACT is an economical rope for rope access.

Particularly economical rope, its small price is destined to atypical lengths or dirty works.

Available in 500 m, 200 m, 100 m, 60 m, 50 m, 40 m, 30 m, 20 m, or cut by the meter according to the requested length. (Choose your length above)

If you have a punctual need, if an operation requires very long lengths that you would not need in normal times, or if your operation is likely to hurt the rope in a very short time, you do not need to choose a rope of the best quality. In all these situations, the CONTRACT has been designed to meet your needs!

Semi-static ropes are moderately lengthened to facilitate rope access techniques and moderate speed rappelling.

Diametre 10.5 mm - Type A

Rope to use as a work rope, backup or as a safety line when working at height.
In the latter case, it is used for access to the workplace, in combination with other devices, or to perform work in tension or suspension on the rope.


 * Semi-static Type A
 * Diameter: 10.5 mm
 * Breaking Load: 2500 daN (kg)
 * Breaking Load with double 8 knot: 1750 daN (kg)
 * Number of falls of factor 1: 12 (100 kg)
 * Impact force factor 0.3: 5.60 kN
 * Elongation 50/150 kg: 3.0%
 * Weight per meter: 65 g/m
 * Percentage of the sheath: 36%
 * Weight of the core: 64%
 * Shrinkage in water: 4%
 * Core material: Polyamide (PA)
 * Sheath material: Polyamide (PA)
 * Storage time: max 5 years
 * Duration of use: max 10 years
 * Total lifetime: max 15 years

Other possible choice: With UNICORE Process

This rope also exists with the UNICORE process which consists in assembling the sheath and the core for a better resistance and more safety.
In this case, the rope is called BEAL ACCESS 10,5 mm. (to choose from our other BEAL products)


Length200 or by the meter
Diameter10.5 mm
Breaking load2500 daN (kg)
StandardEN 1891 class A
Weight66 g/m

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CONTRACT 10.5 mm

CONTRACT 10.5 mm

The best price/performance ration of semi-static ropes


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