Aerial Silk fabric

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This range of Aerial Silks has unique qualities of strength and reliability. (Breaking at 1800 kg).


Thanks to their dual weft interlock Jersey construction and their appropriate thickness, these fabrics offer an excellent grip and a very good aging.

The strength and durability of Aerial Tissues are on of the essential safety
criteria of the apparatus. Many fabrics are present on the market but all do not have the qualities to be used as acrobatic equipment.

This is why it is essential to use only fabrics certified for acrobatic use and whose resistance is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Circus Schools Federations
and the technical guidance "Circus Apparatus, Design and Manufacturing" :

The fabrics of this range offer an exceptional resistance of 1800 daN (kg) for a conventional installation of two strands on a hanger of at least Ø 40 mm.
Reminder : The use of a suitable Silk Hanger doubles the resistance of the fabric compared to the use of a Pear ring or a Rescue 8


Many colors and lengths are available : Select them with the buttons above.



- Fabric : 100% polyester low stretch, tinted in the mass

- Beautifully in the light thanks to its satin finish

- Great fabric for professionals and performances

- Construction in Jersey double interlocking imbricated weft

- Width : 160 cm

- Machine washable at maximum 40°c

- Mass per square meter : 125 g/m²

- Mass in linear meter : 200 g/m

- Example for a fabric of 10 m in two strands (20 m) : Mass = 4 kg

- BLL : Breaking Load Limit on two strands : 1800 daN (kg) (3965

- WLL : Working Load Limit on two strands: 257
daN (kg) (566 LBS)

- Design factor : 7

- MUA : Mass of Users Acceptable :
* 85 kg with a Dynamic Coefficient of 3
* 65 kg with a Dynamic Coefficient of 4



It is recommended to always use appropriate Slik Hanger with these fabrics. (See Federal Recommendations).

In case of rotation of the silk, it is advisable to use these rigging with a swivel with ball bearing.

The entire chain of suspension of the equipment is recommended at a working load of at least 400 daN (kg).

Length12 ; 14 ;16 m or to choose from above
Width160 cm
Material100% polyester
WLL285 daN (kg) (630 LBS)
Breaking load2000 daN (kg) (4400 LBS)
CECE Certified Acrobatic Product
Colorto choose from above
Weight125 g/m²

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Aerial Silk fabric

Aerial Silk fabric

Aerial Slik fabric for Aerial acrobatics : Tissue, Silk, Aerial Yoga and Hammock


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