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The TAZ Lov2 represents a major breakthrough in multi-purpose descending device history.

Its innovative function allows it to be installed and operated on a tight rope, making it a unique tool in the field of rope access and IRATA technique.
This feature makes it very useful in rescue or in any difficult situation when you need to take the load, followed by a descent.

Because it is placed along a straight rope, it slides along the rope during fast ascents with foot blocker and greatly facilitates climbs.

A true multifunctional Swiss Army knife, it combines the possibilities of a descender, a positioning clamp and an fall arrest device, in a single device.


Imagined, designed, made by and for Rope Access Technicians, it is the indispensable tool for professional at height.

The TAZ3D LOV2 is the only existing descender that can be installed on tight rope!

The TAZ3D LOV2 is the only existing descender that also acts as a fall arrest, in the spirit of a Rocker!

It is also used on a rope in tension and thus allows many use at work but also in rescue.
It allows to :
* Turn the fall arrest device into a descender and thus evacuate directly on its fall arrest
* Descend on its rope even stretched with possibility of being clear of obstacles by pulling on the rope from below
* Serve as a reversible chest rope clamp, then directly descent.


The functions of 3 devices in one!

 * Descender according to EN 12841 type C (descender) with a maximum load of 120 kg
 * Mobile fall arrest device on rope according to EN 12841 type A (fall arrest)
 * Chest clamp (Reversible in descender) or standard rope clamp according to EN 358


Associated with LOV.Rope it can replace 2 tools for work at height:

 * A support lanyard
 * An evacuation apparatus



The suspended worker after a fall, evacuates himself from below immediately on the same device.
Instead of being taken over by an evacuator system.
Assistant can even clear obstacles by pulling down the rope in a diagonal.



 * Brand: TAZ
 * Model: Lov2
 * Weight: 400 g
 * Maximum rated load: 120 kg
 * Ropes: EN 1891 type A from 10 to 11 mm
 * Standards: EN 12841 type A and C, EN 358
 * Designed and manufactured in France



Rope Ø10 to 11 mm
Loadmax 120 kg
StandardEN 12841 (A and C), EN 358
Weight400 g

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The TAZ LOV2, first wordwide device, working as fall arrest and descender even on a tight rope.


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