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The numerous openings of the Rigging Hub allow to connect several carabiners, straps and ropes.

Useful for multiplying anchor points, distributing a heavy load or managing complex geometry.

They are also very effective in guiding an acrobatic lifting system through the central hole.


It is designed to be used with webbing and rope, it is very versatile.

DMM RIGGING HUB Anchor Rings have been designed for complex 3D rigging focused on a single anchor.


They can be used to form extremely strong and versatile centralized anchor points in tree climbing, rope access and rescue.


Rounded surfaces allow direct attachment of rope or textile.

The use of multiple 3D anchors often allows HUBs to be used as a lightweight alternative to a tripod for edge management or vertical lifting from a specific point such as above a manhole or well entrance.

Four kidney shaped slots, a super strong central eye and four smaller hang points give numerous options for complex rigging.
What’s more, weighing only 260g, it can be carried on your harness or in a rescue pack with ease.
The outer kidney slots have a breaking strength of 45 kN, whilst the central eye has a breaking strength of 80 kN.



 * Breaking strength of 45 kN (outer kidney slots) and 80 kN (central eye)
* Textile friendly connection points suitable for rope, webbing and opposed connectors
* Central hole can accommodate a running rope and facilitates 3D rigging
* CNC machined from top grade alloy for strength, durability and lightness
* Anodised to BS EN 7599:2010 AA10 Sealed for corrosion protection
* Recommended for rescue and rigging applications
* Individually marked for traceability



It exists in two models:

Size S:
* Diameter 119 mm
* Workload: ext. 10 kN / int. 16 kN
* Breaking load: ext. 45 kN / int. 80 kN

Size M:
* Diameter 169 mm
* Workload: ext. 10 kN / int. 30 kN
* Breaking load: ext. 45 kN / int. 150 kN



Standard NFPA 1983 (2012 Ed) Class G

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DMM Rigging Hub Versatile donut-shaped rigging multiplier - PURPLE

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