Black Acrobatic Bungee 10 mm with cotton sheath

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This ACROBATIC BUNGEE shock cord is a very high quality product with a high elongation power (300%).
The quality of its cotton sheath, its elongation capability (300%) and its resistance to heavy stress make it the ideal product for all the uses of aerial act which require very great elongations.

To be used for Aerial Acrobatics and FlyingFX or STUNT rigging systems.


*** The reference in the acrobatic field ***
Ideal for circus arts, entertainment, bungee-yoga, bungee-fitness, etc.
Allows ample and fluid vertical movements.



Aerial Acrobatic Sandow (elastic shock cord) with high quality cotton sheath and rubber for a very long elongation.
Extremely elastic and maintaining its qualities well in time. Also available in White on special order.



 * 300% elongation: final length 400%
* Elongation of 270% before sheath tension (see graph)
* Made of high quality rubber
* Very beautiful tight cotton sheath 24 plaited braided
* Black color
* Diameter: 10 mm
* Nominal resistance at elongation: 1 kg = 27% elongation
* Nominal use in acrobatics: static situation at 135% elongation ie 5 kg = 135%
* Relation with the mass of the acrobats: 1 strand of 10 mm for 5 kg (60 kg = 12 strands, 6 strands on both sides)
* Standard packaging: coil of 50 m (other lengths or drums on special order)
* Also available for custom lenght: select the number of meters required above
* Made in France



For acrobatic uses, the knots and terminations of bungee cords are delicate technical aspects that must be entrusted to competent and experienced persons.
The tightening rate of the elastics in the staples, whipping or knots being a determining factor in preventing the elastics from slipping under tension,
it is important to carry out tests and ensure that the method is suitable before any use.
Since these methods are very sensitive to the quality of their manual execution, BlackZ does not recommend any particular methodology.
Each use being different, it is up to the person in charge of the activity to ensure an adequate result and its maintenance over time.
In case of unknown, contact a specialized acrobatic technician and start your tests with triple fisherman's knots.


Length50m or by the meter
Rope Ø10 mm
Materialcotton sheath
Load1 strand for 5 kg
Stretch< 300 %
ManufacturerBlack Z

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Black Acrobatic Bungee 10 mm with cotton sheath

Black Acrobatic Bungee 10 mm with cotton sheath

Black Acrobatic Bungee (Elastic Shock Cord) 300% with cotton sheath.


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