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The GYRO Triple swivel from CAMP is a completely unique product on the market.

It allows you to manage three axes of traction, benefiting each:
- A great freedom of angulation compared to the others axes
- Total freedom of rotation compared to the others axes

This product allows to untwist a Y device while being light and compact.


A "BRIDLE" is a vee-shaped arrangement of lifting equipment or rigging materials that enable load to be spread or shared between the 'legs' of the bridle.

This V-shaped system is also required when it is necessary to divide a single point in two, as in some lanyard devices.

In these cases, it is very difficult not to twist the strings.
Indeed, while in a single system it would have been enough to have a single swivel to unscrew both sides.
In a three-branch system, 3 shackle swivels and a central plate are often necessary to successfully untwist each part.


At this level of size, weight and resistance, the CAMP GYRO is a completely unique innovation on the market.



To untwist Y systems, GYRO provides 3 solutions in a single object:
 1. It allows each branch to rotate freely and indefinitely on its axis;
 2. It leaves a good freedom of angle to each branch so as not to force the equipment;
 3. It is light and compact enough not to bring too much weight and inertia into the system.

Instead of having to assemble a plate and three swivels, with the CAMP GYRO you benefit:
 * a much more compact and light product
 * equipment that combines all functions for a lower price
 * a product certified to fall protection standards and which is included in certain PPE lanyards from the manufacturer
 * of a product as resistant or more resistant [ 26 kN ] than the other compact swivels on the market (DMM Nexus or Focus, PETZL Micro, ROCK EXO nano, etc.)

The only drawback for installations that require a large load and good rotational efficiency, it does not have ball bearings.


Presentation of the manufacturer

A compact and extremely versatile rigging system featuring our proprietary triple swivel design.
The Gyro swivel rotates at all three connection points which allows for countless possibilities of connection between different elements that need freedom of movement.
Just a few possibilities include: self-orienting multi-anchoring, multiple connections to a harness, preventing twisting in Y lanyards, crosshauling operations, Tyrolean traverses, complex rescue procedures.
The innovative design also prevents the accumulation of dirt and makes inspection easy.
Main structure is carbon steel with a double corrosion preventive coating. Swivel balls and attachment points are stainless steel.
Includes three removeable silicon anti-rotation inserts.
Working load limit: 3 kN. Minimum breaking strength: 26 kN.



* MBS (Minimum Breaking Strenght): 2600 daN (kg)
* Weight: 155 g
* Dimensions: 85 x 85 mm
* Materials: Steel plates and stainless steel rings
* Rotational efficiency: without ball bearing


Width80 mm
Height85 mm
Thickness20 mm
Inside Ø16 mm
Wire Ø8 mm
MaterialSteel and Stainless
WLL300 kg (daN)
Breaking load2600 kg (daN)
EfficiencyWithout bearings
StandardANSI Z359-12 ; EN 355 in the lanyard
ColorBlack & Silver
Weight155 g

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Triple-Swivel CAMP GYRO

Triple-Swivel CAMP GYRO


The GYRO Triple swivel from CAMP is a completely unique product on the market. It allows you to manage three axes.


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