Acrobatic Beam Clamp MK2

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Acrobatic Rigging Beam Clamp for steel beams intended for acrobatics and Circus Arts activities.

Made from reinforced aluminum, these plates are practical, quick to install and adapt to all metal beams from 64 to 220 mm in width.


Much better than classic heart-shaped anchor claws, they are certified for dynamic acrobatic loads

and they accept forces at angles of 45 ° in all directions. This is a premiere on the market.


Description :

Acrobatic Hanging for I and H Steel Beams intended for acrobatic practice and Circus Arts.
Suitable for making apparatus suspensions, pulley returns and safety lines rigging.

The MK2 Rigging Plate model has been optimized to allow installation on beams as wide as 220 mm (IPE 600 for example) or as narrow as 64 mm (IPE 120 for example).
They are compatible with all I or H beams such as IPN, IPE, HEA and HEB.

WLL = Working Load Limit = 750 daN (kg)


Certification :

CE Certified for acrobatic uses.


Working Load :

WLL = 750 daN (kg) vertically or from angles less than 10°.
WLL = 500 daN (kg) from angles between 11° and 45°.​


Breaking Load :

The system includes a design factor of 4. That means the breaking load limit is greater than 3000 daN (kg).


Installation :

Non-destructive installation by clamping existing beams.
Easy to mount and remove. No drilling required.
Suitable for beam flanges from 64 mm to 220 mm wide. (New model MK2)
Custom fabrication for other beam configurations available from CATS on request.
The product is provided ready to install, including threaded shafts and nylon-insert locking nuts.
Fasteners must be tightened to the appropriate torque (from 45 to 55 Nm) using a torque wrench or other suitable means.


Acrobatic use :

Compatible with the use of swivels and pulleys.
Incompatible for "Grand Ballant" swinging. To resist lateral (perpendicular) or swinging loads, we recommend transferring the load through a guyed spreader bar with bearings or choosing other suitable products in the range.


Finish :

Standard color: Raw Silver Grey.
Special colors available on request (free for 10 pieces and more)


Technical Specifications :

 * WLL vertical : 750 daN (kg) up to 10°
 * WLL angle : 500 daN (kg) up to 45°
 * Minimal beam flange : 64 mm
 * Maximal beam flange : 220 mm
 * Mass: 2,78 kg
 * CE : Yes
 * Design Factor : 4
 * Breaking load MBS : Greater than 3000 daN (kg)
 * Material : Plate = Reinforced Aluminum ; Rings and Clamps = Steel
 * Color: Raw silver
 * Manufacturer: CATS Engineering
 * Thickness of the plate: 110  mm total
 *  Height lost under the beam: The attachment point is located only 41 mm under the beam.




WidthBeams from 64 to 220 mm
ThicknessBeams from 5 to 25 mm
Screw ØMetric 12 mm
MaterialAlu and Steel
WLL750 daN (kg)
Breaking loadMore than 3000 daN (kg)
ColorSilver Grey
Weight2,75 kg
ManufacturerCATS Engineering
UAM300 daN at Coef. 10

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Acrobatic Beam Clamp MK2

Acrobatic Beam Clamp MK2

Acrobatic Beam Clamp - For I and H beams width from 64 to 220 mm - model MK2 - Easy installation no holes


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