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DMM "REVOLER RIG" - Screwgate carabiner with single pulley and removable bar - COLOR
This pulley is an evolution of their legendary Revolver carabiner.

It includes a single or double ball bearing pulley and a full strength becket.

This product benefits from DMM's amazing know-how in aluminum machining.
An absolutely extraordinary quality of realization!

DOUBLE version is also available at

The REVOLVER RIG pulley from DMM Pro is a connector with an integrated pulley (single or double).

The REVOLVER RIG pulley includes:
* A single high efficiency roller bearing pulley
* Removable threaded captive bar
* A fully resistant and protective becket for textiles

The side of the carabiner unique profile over-thickness that keeps the pulley in the right orientation avoiding reversals.
Likewise, the captive bar helps keep the ropes in place in a correct position.

The becket is placed at 90° from the axis of the carabiner.
When using a connector attached to the becket, the friction between the connector and the rope is minimized.

This pulley is ideal for the realization of small mechanical advantages of assistance or rescue.

Two pulleys make it possible to compose a compact mechanical advantage such as the Rock Exotica AZTEK, the PETZL JAG SYSTEM or the DMM RPM Shackles & Components.

Features and benefits

 * Large sheave tread diameter for large bend radius
* High efficiency roller bearings
* Full strength becket accepts most connectors or direct textile connection
* Removable captive bar
* DMM iD optional
* Keylock nose for snag free operation
* Uniquely profiled spine to aid correct orientation

Precise reference

Revolver Rig Screwgate : A5821CB


 * Security: screw
* Material: Aluminum
* Diameter of the sheaves: 31 mm
* Diameter of the rope: 2 to 13 mm
* Weight: 196 g
* Color: Matte Anthracite and Orange
* WLL: 500 daN (kg)
* MBS: 2500 daN (kg)
* Standrad: EN12278: 2007, EN362: 2004


Different Versions

This pulley also exists in other versions:

* Single or double sheave
* Screw locking device, autolock double action or quad-action
* All other versions are available within 3 weeks on request


Product NameProduct CodeColourMBSWLLDimensionsWeightMax. Rope DiameterConformance
Revolver Rig ScrewgateA5821CBMatt grey25kN5kN76 x 160mm196g7-13mmEN12278:2007, EN362:2004
Revolver Rig Twin ScrewgateA5822CBMatt grey25kN5kN76 x 160mm214g5-8mmEN12278:2007, EN362:2004
Revolver Rig LocksafeA5871CBMatt grey25kN5kN76 x 160mm203g7-13mmEN12278:2007, EN362:2004
Revolver Rig Twin LocksafeA5872CBMatt grey25kN5kN76 x 160mm219g5-8mmEN12278:2007, EN362:2004
Revolver Rig Locksafe iDA5871CB-IDMatt grey25kN5kN76 x 160mm203g7-13mmEN12278:2007, EN362:2004
Revolver Rig Twin Locksafe iDA5872CB-IDMatt grey25kN5kN76 x 160mm219g5-8mmEN12278:2007, EN362:2004
Revolver Rig DurolockA5841CBMatt grey25kN5kN76 x 160mm213g7-13mmEN12278:2007, EN362:2004
Revolver Rig Twin DurolockA5842CBMatt grey25kN5kN76 x 160mm229g5-8mmEN12278:2007, EN362:2004
    Length160 mm
    Width76 mm
    Thickness37 mm
    Sheave Ø31 mm
    Rope Ø2 - 13 mm
    Lockingscrew gate
    WLL500 (5 kN)
    Breaking load2500 kg (25 kN)
    EfficiencyBall Bearings
    StandardEN 12278 : 2007, EN 362 : 2004
    ColorMatte grey
    Weight196 g
    VersionSimple Pulley

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    DMM "REVOLER RIG" - Screwgate carabiner with single pulley and removable bar - COLOR

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