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Climbing Technology's SPARROW is an interesting descender due to its construction and operation mode.

The rope does not twist and stays in the axis thanks to the V exit groove on the top of the device.
The friction levels have a great feeling and the anti-panic does not cause any sudden stop.

A serious competitor for PETZL RIG and I'D.


Self-braking descender for Rope Access and IRATA methods, which allows the operator to descent, lock their position and to ascend the working rope.


Improved friction levels

The SPARROW has 3 levels of friction that allow you to control and maintain your speed of descent.
 * The first level is provided by the handle in the usual way
 * The second level is provided by the V-shaped rope exit groove, which has friction waves for easy dosing the action of the braking hand
 * The third level is allowed thanks to the retractile friction spur which creates an additional friction on the rope, without having to add a connector


Enhanced anti-panic

One of the major innovations of this descender is its anti-panic function much more pleasant.

Instead of clicking without warning in total locking mode, it operates without clicking and causes a progressive slowdown by braking.
This EBS (Extraordinary Braking System) security system is activated in case the handle is accidentally fully opened.
It then decreases the speed of descent instead of increasing it.
This allows you to easily find the descent speed that suits you without false alarm.


Other features

 * Multifunction control handle with automatic recall system, which allows the operator to descent by controlling his speed and stop at the workstation without having to use a stop key (tie off).
 * Equipped with a plastic opening handle on the mobile flange, which facilitates the insertion of the rope during the Rope to Rope Transfer.


Two validations of application

EN 12841: 2006-C: As Positioning and Descending Device:
 * Maximum load capacity 150 kg
 * For use with EN 1891 type A ropes - Ø 10.5 to 11 mm

EN 341: 2011-2A: As a rope rescue descender:
 * Maximum load capacity 150 kg
 * Maximum descent height 100 m
 * For use with the PATRON PLUS 11 type rope - Ø 11 mm



* WLL: 150 kg
* Ropes: Ø 10.5 to 11 mm
* Standards: EN 12841: 2006-C and EN 341: 2011-2A
* CE product
* Weight: 520 g
* Dimensions: 87 x 179 mm
* Made in Italy



Width87 mm
Height179 mm
Rope ØØ 10.5 to 11 mm
WLL150 kg
StandardEN 12841: 2006-C and EN 341: 2011-2A
Weight520 g
ManufacturerClimbing Technology

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The SPARROW from Climbing Technology, one of the most popular professional descender.



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