DOUBLE Pulley Celeron 50

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This DOUBLE 50 mm PULLEY is THE STANDARD for classic Acrobatic Safety Lines, for circus schools and companies.

Its unique CELERON construction gives it a very good Price/Weight/Abrasion resistance ratio.
The natural qualities of this material close to Bakelite are:
 * Extreme resistance to heat caused by the passage of ropes;
 * Very good resistance to abrasion giving it a long life;
 * A very soft and progressive wear, in the manner of a piece of wood, which does not attack the ropes.

This pulley has a good natural braking to absorb the dynamics of the falls
and a self-locking WICHARD shackle for a safe rigging.


Excellent DOUBLE PULLEY for the use of classic safety lanyards in the activities of circus schools and acrobatics.

Exceptional time resistance due to the quality of the CELERON material and the construction of the metal parts in stainless steel.

Its friction performance is not exceptional given the absence of ball bearings, but for standard lanyards for which a little natural braking is desired, this pulley is an unavoidable choice. The change of shackle that we realize to place a self-locking WICHARD shackle and a safety ring offers you an excellent level of security at the anchor point.



 * High quality CELERON material
 * Compact dimensions
 * Added by BlackZ a WICHARD self-locking shackle that secures the closing of the connection
 * Suitable for ropes up to 14 mm
 * Exterior diameter of the sheave: 50 mm
 * MbS: Minimal Breaking Load: > 1740 daN (kg)
 * Color: Brown
 * Weight: 400 g


How to build a classic double safety line?

 * Choose a suitable rope in the complementary product choices below
 * The classic "cotton touch" rope for this type of lanyard is LIROS SOFT BLACK 12 mm
 * or non-textured rope type LIROS MULTI BLACK 12 mm
 * Choose a length of rope equivalent to 2 x the height of your rigging points + 10 m

 * For a double lanyard you can use a SIMPLE pulley and a DOUBLE pulley.
 * For all apparatus coming out of the plane of the lanyards or swinging, we advise you to replace the double pulley with two simple pulleys.
     This will give the ropes more independence of movement and limit friction on the sides of the double pulley.

 * Choose 2 classic carabiners type PETZL OK BALL-LOCK
 * Add as needed 2 compact swivels type PETZL MICRO SWIVEL
 * Add straps for your pulleys as needed
     Very strong:
 * Add gloves if needed:


Length140 mm
Width54 mm
Thickness53 mm
Sheave Ø50 mm ext
Rope ØMax 14 mm
LockingAuto-lock Shackle
MaterialCeleron/Bakélite + Stainless
Breaking load1740 daN (kg)
EfficiencyWithout ball bearing
ColorBrown and Stainless
Weight400 g
VersionSINGLE with Swivel

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DOUBLE Pulley Celeron 50

DOUBLE Pulley Celeron 50

Double CELERON 50 mm PULLEY - ideal for classic Acrobatic Safety Lines - with swivel and auto-lock shackle.


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