Python Rope 22mm x 12m

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22mm x 12m black "Python" rope for circus safety lines, acrobatic apparatus and flying trapeze.

These "Python" type pulling ropes can also be used for stunt and flying effects (direct manual pulling)


Single rope allowing two thinner safety lines to be joined on a single large rope to ensure better grip.
This large rope allows better braking and greater safety of the action of pulling the lines by avoiding having to manage two separate strands.

The diameter is 22 mm and allows very good ergonomics for handling and energy dissipation.
This diameter can change over time. With wear, the rope will acquire a fluffy appearance (textured - cotton "soft" touch) and become thicker.

The standard length of these pythons for flying trapeze activities is 12 m.
You can of course cut it shorter if you wish.
Any request for a custom finish can be requested by Email (Diameter, size of the eye loop, length, color, etc.). Minimum 50% surcharge for custom finishes.


Spliced eye

The termination of the rope is fitted with a spliced ​​loop made by hand in our workshops.
Its usual inner loop length is between 12 and 18 cm. It may vary from one manufacture to another.
This loop allows you to pass your small lines through the loop in a "Choker Hitch" knot, by passing the python directly back into itself.

The spliced eye ​​is finished with a whipping which avoids the risk of opening the splice by mistake.



 * Diameter: 22 to 24 mm (depending on the way of measuring and the wear of the rope)
 * Initial length: Approx 12m (may retract slightly for outdoor use)
 * Loop Eye Size : inside approx. 15 cm
 * Color: Black
 * Material: smooth polyester PES
 * WLL: 500daN (kg)
 * MBS: > 7000 daN (kg)






Length12 m - 40 ft
Rope Ø22 to 24 mm
WLL500 daN (kg)
Breaking load> 7000 daN (kg)
Weight4,8 kg - 10 LBS
ManufacturerBlack Z

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Python Rope 22mm x 12m

Python Rope 22mm x 12m

Black "Python" pulling rope - 22mm x 12m - for safety lanyards, circus, acrobatics and flying trapeze.


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