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The TerrAdaptor tripod is the most versatile and modular portable rig.
It is intended for complex rope installations in wilderness, rescue and industrial environments.

Due to its ultra-adaptable concept, all the parts of the kit can be adjusted and articulated like a LEGO.
... it's up to you to imagine the solutions it will bring you!

Your BlackZ competence center and its partners will be happy to assist you in getting started with this equipment:
Expertise, Technical Analysis, Training, Methodology and adaptation of custom parts.


WARNING ! This rare product is proposed on line but it is not directly of stock in our shop.
The delivery time of this reference is around 60 days ¹.

Targeted product:

In the TERRADAPTOR range which is fully available at BlackZ.shop, the product corresponding to this data-sheet is:

This product designates the cylinder which is fixed between the gray tube and the foot of your choice.
It is compatible with rocking feet (rounded), talon feet (pointy) and articulated feet (round spatula)
It is sold by the piece.


General description of the product range:

The TerrAdaptor is a versatile light rig intended primarily for difficult access operations such as rope access, rope rescue and lifting in complex situations.
Basically, it is designed for rescue operations in perilous environments (GRIMP techniques), but it can be used in the whole range of needs ranging from technical lifting for maintenance operations to safety needs and fall arrest anchorages ( EN 795 standard).

The main qualities of this type of multi-pod rig are rigidity, strength, lightness, ease of use and adaptation to the constraints of the site.
In addition to these important qualities, the TerrAdaptor is particularly distinguished by its great potential for modularity:
* The range is extensive, many parts are delivered in the basic kit and all the parts fit together
* The pieces can be assembled in several positions like a LEGO in order to multiply the technical possibilities and to adapt to the geometry of the intervention
* The exclusive articulated head allows to change the angles of the feet and offers unique possibilities
* The overflow of the tubes beyond the articulated head allows it to be placed very low and to create offsets
* The offset of the tubes on the head allows them to be crossed without constituting obstacles
* The foot systems adapt to many situations: natural or artificial ground, supports against masonry, fixing on tubes, etc.


As a result, the TerrAdaptor is the most versatile certified portable rig system available on the market.

Its quality/price ratio offers exceptional technical possibilities for users who need to adapt to complex environments.


The TerrAdaptor range is particularly designed for use in rescue, industrial, and wilderness environments.
This innovate high directional system is the result of the combined years of experience in the design, use and manufacturing of equipment
by Pigeon Mountain Industries (PMI) and Seattle Manufacturing Corporation (SMC).

The TerrAdaptor system is unique in that it can be configured as:
* A Mono-pod aka Gin pole - i.e. a straight support leg to be guyed
* A Bi-pod - i.e. an A-frame rig to be guyed, articulated at the foot, it allows the load to be brought back to the ground by tilting
* A classic Tri-pod - placed on the ground and self-stable due to its 3 contact points
* A Mono-pode with support triangle - a modified version of the tripod allowing to create an anchor in front of an opening by resting on the wall
* A Quad-pod - i.e. a 4-legged tepee rig based on a 4-start head


Due to the extreme adjustability of the TerrAdaptor, countless non-standard configurations are available
utilizing shallow angles and horizontals that are not available with other tripod systems in the market.
With independently variable head angles and interchangeable components,
the TerrAdaptor will adjust to your work environment whether it is rural, urban, rescue, industrial, or confined space.


Entirely unique to the TerrAdaptor is the ability to adjust the head angle in multiple directions.
This allows the head to remain level even when the terrain is not.
A level head helps keep attached rigging clean, safe, and organized.

Several configurations of the TerrAdaptor portable rig system can be built from the various components of the standard kit.
Every situation is unique and the ultimate safety of the system depends on the knowledge and training of those who set it up.


Tri-pod Starting kit:

The primary system revolves around the TerrAdaptor Tripod System (SM230100N).
This starting kit - shown in some photos - includes all of the necessary parts to assemble a standard symmetric tripod that provides the ability to reach a height of approximately 10 ft (3 m).
It also allows you to create:
* A bi-pod in A-frame (with or without offset arm)
* or a bi-pod A-frame + a mono-pod
* or two I-shaped mono-pods aka gin poles
* Or a mon-pod with a V-shaped wall support

The system is delivered and packaged in three padded and compact bags which facilitate the “grab your bags and go” intervention and make it possible to organize and protect the components very well.

Kit contents:

* 1 Tripod type articulated head with 3 starter plates
* 2 off-center leg departures with their 3 locking pins
* 1 centered leg departure with its 3 locking pins
* 3 complete telescopic leg kits with foot receivers
* 3 "Rocker" type arched feet
* 3 Connecting ropes for the feet and their quick links
* 1 Main fixing pin (for the bottom of the head)
* A set of beta pins
* 12 Leg coupling pins
* 2 Multi-holes anchor turrets with 1 coupling pin each
* 1 Bag for the head and accessories
* 2 Bags for the legs
* 1 User Guide


* Total mass: 87 lbs (40,8 kg)
* Breaking load / MBS: 3600 kg (daN)
* WLL equivalent (Coef. 4): 900 kg (daN)
* Standards: NFPA 1983 G - 2017 (certified. MBS: 36 kN) & EN 795 - 2012 (fall arrest anchor: static load of 1000 daN)
* CE product
* Made in the USA


Other kits and options:

To transition your Tripod to a Quadpod System, you can purchase the TerrAdaptor Quadpod Attachment Kit (230105).
This kit provides the fourth leg and attachment pieces necessary to transition your tripod into a Quadpod.

Kit Contents:

* 1 additional starter plate for the articulated head
* 1 centered leg departure with its 3 locking pins
* 1 complete telescopic leg kit with foot receiver
* Foot coupling pins
* 1 arched rocker foot
* Weight: 24 lbs (11 kg)


If your needs are fairly simple and a single gin pole is the best solution for your situation, you can purchase the TerrAdaptor Gin Pole Kit (230106).
This kit includes a full leg kit to reach approximately 10 feet in height adjustability.

Kit Contents:

* 1 complete telescopic leg kit with foot receiver
* 1 arched rocker foot
* 2 Anchor turrets with 1 coupling pin each
* Foot coupling pins
* 1 attachment plate for the foot
* Weight: 23.4 lbs (10.6 kg)


For those who typically encounter environments that require more than 10 feet (3 m) of height,
additional leg extension pieces (apprx. 4 ft (1,3 m) in length) can be individually purchased for this use.
This piece can also be used to provide one extra long leg if a tall “lazy leg” configuration, if desired.


Flat Articulated Ball feet are also available as an option. Sold by piece under the reference: TerrAdaptor Articulating Foot - Black (230530) - see pictures.
The new Articulating Foot swivels on a stainless steel ball. For extreme wide leg angles, the foot can rotate 90 degrees to the flat position.
Key Features: Rubber pad allows use on surfaces such as concrete - Foot may be attached to a surface with screws, bolts, or spikes - Foot may be lashed or clipped to other objects using three large holes.


Talon pointed feet are also available as an option. Sold by piece under the reference: TerrAdaptor Talon Foot - Black (2305310) - see pictures.
The Talon Foot includes two spikes and a hollow which allow the feet to be perched on edges of walls and catwalks, or they may also be lashed securely to pipes, beams, and rails.
The steel tips of the foot may be sharpened or replaced.
Key Features: Lash points are still accessible when spikes are fully engaged - Longer spike penetrates deeply for secure placement - Shorter spike provides additional security against foot movement.
The central hollow is very practical for the support on round tubes (scaffolding), in addition to a cord lashing.


Quick Lash anchor points are also available to fit on grey tubes. Sold by piece under the reference: TerrAdaptor Quick Lash (230370) - see pictures.
The QuickLash has been designed to work exclusively on the grey tube as an anchor point. With the QuickLash, users will now be able to install an auxiliary anchor point before, during or after set up.
Simply connect the QuickLash by inserting the quick release pin and you have a high strength single or multi direction tieback.
This new QuickLash is ideal for attaching pulleys or other gear to assist with tie backs, redirects, and/or tie downs.
Quick, easy and high strength make this accessory a must have for all rescue teams who have come to love the TerrAdaptor.
Key Features: Attach to grey tubes before, during or after setting up TerrAdaptor - Connection point for single or multi direction tieback - Can be attached inside of leg and used to tie TerrAdaptor down for stability
Can be used as attachment point for hanging pulleys or other gear - Can be attached at the foot connection point
* 3000 kg (daN) strength when loaded straight along major axis of the ring
* 1500 kg (daN) when strength when pulled to side at 90 degrees


Space station anchor hub are also available to fit on grey and orange tubes. Sold by piece under the reference: TerrAdaptor Space station (230600) - see pictures.
Designed for elite rope technicians, the all-new Space Station adds even more capability to the TerrAdaptor, the world’s most versatile industrial tripod.
Key Features: Multiple configurable connections via TerrAdaptor head and leg couplings - One fixed and one floating rigging plate enables loads to self-center
- Can be split into two halves and attached to either TerrAdaptor grey perf tubes or orange mid tubes - Can be setup as single, lightweight mono-pod head
- Beefy 5/8” thick rigging plates can accommodate NFPA - G-rated eye-to-eye loads (50kN) and T-rated axial loads (24kN)
- Integrated rope horn for connector-free rigging options - Seven extra large connection holes on each plate, able to accomodate multiple carabiners and pass lock sleeves
Includes: Zippered Case, Large ball detent pin, 2 leg pins, user manual
Weight: 65oz (1,8 kg)


An adapter plate for installing a HARKEN traction winch is also available as an option.
This plate mounts along a grey foot of your choice and allows the load to be hoisted using the winch crank.
The new Capstan Winch System mounts on any grey leg tube section in any position on the TerrAdaptor.
A stainless steel rope guide ensures that the rope enters the winch at the correct angle for the greatest grip.
Clip points on the front and rear of the bracket can be used for progress capture devices such as a rope grab or a prusik.
Key Features: Made from anodized aluminum - Includes a Harken® 40.2ST two speed, self-tailing capstan winch - Stainless steel rope guide - Designed to work with progress capture devices.
Large plate for winch + Winch Harken 40.2ST: ref 230552
Large plate for winch only: ref 230551


An adapter multipurpose plate for installing a TRACTEL or DBI-SALA traction hoist is also available as an option.
This plate mounts along a grey foot of your choice and allows the load to be hoisted using the winch crank.
The new Standard Winch Bracket is pre-tapped for mounting most Tractel and DBI/Sala cable work winches.
In addition, other cable or rope winch models can be mounted per the manufacturer’s instructions. It may be mounted on any grey leg tube section on the TerrAdaptor.
Key Features: Clip points are included for use of progress capture devices - Anodized Aluminum
Multipurpose plate for winch only: ref 230550

For use with wire rope winches, a head pulley (sheave) is also available as an option. Ref 230360.
The TerrAdaptor Steel Cable Sheave Assembly is specifically designed for use with the TerrAdaptor Cable Winch Bracket that allows you to utilize many of the commonly used cable winch systems.
This Cable Sheave is a seamless connector maintaining the NFPA strength ratings while used in the multiple NFPA TerrAdaptor™ certified configurations.
NOTE: While this sheave may be used with either rope OR cable, it should not be used interchangeably. Once cable has been run through the sheave, it should not be used for rope.
Key Features: Zinc Plated Hardened Alloy Steel Sealed Ball Bearings - Supports up to 1/2” diameter cable or rope - Compact and easy to use

If needed, all other parts can be replaced and purchased separately. Please contact us in this case.


Resistance and Stability:

In all the validated configurations, the mechanical strength of Terradaptor is always equal to or greater than 3600 kg (daN) at break.

But it is often superior depending on the shape and configuration used.
For very low tripod configurations, this load can go up to 5500 kg (12200 lbs).

Examples of resistance to breaking of individual parts or holes:
* Lashing ring - single hole 4,500 lbf. (20 kN)
* Lashing ring - face-to-face holes 5,600 lbf. (25 kN)
* Heel foot 6,744 lbf. (30 kN)
* Rocker foot 6,744 lbf. (30 kN)
* Articulated foot adapter 6,744 lbf. (30 kN)
* Quick tie-down - straight pull 6,744 lbf. (30 kN)
* Quick tie-down - side pull 3,372 lbf. (15 kN)
* Winch ties 6,744 lbf. (30 kN)
* 8,000 lbf Auxiliary Head Tie Points. (36 kN)
* main pin 13,000 lbs (58 kN)

The uder manual detail quite precisely the possible shapes, the connection holes to be used for the angles and the telescopic legs and the resistances expected for these configurations.
It is therefore important to refer to the instructions for the exact details of resistance depending on the configuration chosen.

Nevertheless, the resistance and the stability can obviously be affected by many factors such as the solidity of the supports and the ground, its nature and its unevenness, the good resistance of the connecting ropes of the feet, the angles of pulling, etc.



This product being highly versatile, its uses can be variable and complicated to appreciate correctly.
The manufacturer therefore recommends specific training in the use of this equipment.



Heightadaptable - std max 3 m
LoadEN 795 - 2 persons
WLL900 kg (daN)
Breaking loadmin 3600 kg (daN) - see config. in the Manual
StandardNFPA 1983 G - 2017 & EN 795 - 2012
WeightTripod Kit: 40,8 kg

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TERRADAPTOR Foot Adaptator

TERRADAPTOR Foot Adaptator

Foot Adaptator - TERRADAPTOR, the most versatile and modular tripod kit on the market.


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