Delta Twisted Quick Link 07

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WLL model intended for LIFTING operations. ("PPE" version are also available in the range).

The TWIST version corresponds to a quarter-turn rotation between the two ends of the link.

This world famous QUICK LINK® is an genuine PEGUET product ! Known for its reliability and performance, this connector resists the toughest conditions.


Product range

QUICK LINK® products are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials.

Quality control is carried on the manufacture, including the issue of certificates of conformity for the whole product range. Invented more than 80 years ago and manufactured in France exclusively by PEGUET.


WLL model for LIFTING purposes. Do not purchase this model for any purpose intended for safety at height.

QUICK LINKS® are mainly used as compact and reliable connectors, because of their excellent safety, in the areas of load lifting, human lifting and fall protection devices for work at height :
- Quick Links Normal : for very straight compact connections ;
- Quick Links Large opening : for straight connections requiring a larger gate opening ;
- Quick Links Pears : for connections requiring more space or better rotating capacities (in a steel plate, for example) ;
- Deltas Quick Links : for connections of wide elements (straps) or connections of 3 elements at slightly different angles ;
- Twisted Quick Link : for connections of device requiring a quarter turn orientation.


The following informations are indicated on the quick link :
- the WLL (Working Load Limit) in kg ;
- the brand name of the manufacturer: MAILLON RAPIDE® ;
- the CE marking of European conformity ;
- the size of the quick link ;
- the production batch number ;
- "made in France".


Lifting accessories in accordance with the European Machinery and Lifting Directive: DIR. EC 2006-42, chapter 4.
Accompanied by its CE Certificate downloadable from or on request by email.
Consideration of a higher design factor than the European regulation: 5 instead of 4. (North American DF : 5)
This means that the Minimum Breaking Load Limit (BLL) is more than 5 times higher than the Working Load Limit (WLL).

Resistance : guaranteed Working Load Limit

Ø Taille7,09,0



Never exceed the indicated WLL workload in kg. (lifting model).
Always close the nut without any load applied.
Systematic visual inspection of the complete nut closure; No thread shall be visible.
Quick link to be used only in the direction of the main axis.
Every Quick Link must be visually checked regularly. In case of doubt, it is the user's responsibility to replace it.
In a saline environment, use stainless steel Quick Link exclusively.
Closed with a wrench to the recommended tightening torque [in Nm], the Quick Link is transformed into a permanent connector.

Tightening Torque

Ø Size7,010,0


Lengthinside : 62 mm
Widthinside : 38 mm
Inside Ø15.5 mm
Wire Ø7 mm
Openning size8.5 mm
WLL320 kg
Breaking load1600 kg
StandardDirective CE 2006-42
Weight68 g
ManufacturerPEGUET Quick Link

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Delta Twisted Quick Link 07

Delta Twisted Quick Link 07

LIFTING Quick Link Twisted delta. Galvanized.


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