*** Arena Rigging Working Rope 15mm Viper - Length 13m ***

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The ultimate rigger's rope!

An exceptional fluidity of use.

Here in THREE-COLOR: Blue Snake Skin patern - Grey, Blue & Marine!

#ArenaRigging #EntertainmentRigging

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Highly appreciated by the RIGGERS, this 15 mm diameter rope is ideal for lifting loads by hand.
It makes it easy to hoist chains and lifting accessories (shackles, slings and STAC chains) to the upper parts of the venue.
This rope will be an excellent choice for all manual pulling or lifting functions (scaffolding, construction, industry, etc.).


This rope has been specially optimized to provide a good volume while maintaining great flexibility and low weight.
Thanks to its helical construction it offers an incredible diameter/mass ratio and allows a good grip in the hands.


Its diameter of 15 mm is an ideal compromise to use in pulleys.


This diameter and its construction in 20 multiple swirls allows it to guarantee:
* A great lightness at 90 g/m for Ø 15 mm
* A very great flexibility and ease for the knots
* A good passage in the shackles and thimbles
* A possible fit in the majority of the pulleys of the market: Petzl RESCUE, Rock Exotica Omni 1.5, Singing Rock EXTRA, etc.
* An easy recognition not to be confused with semi-static ropes
* A round shape that does not tend to twist
* A very low water absorption in case of rain
* A good wear behavior that will make it thick and fluffy, for excellent comfort.


It is proposed here in a very original THREE-TONE version: Blue Snake Skin Patern - Grey, Blue & Marine!
Other version available : Black or Two-color.

Custom colors from 600 m order.


Length13 m
Rope Ø15 mm
Breaking load2400 daN
Weight91 g/m
ManufacturerBlack Z
OtherEnd-of-roll Promotion
VersionBlue Snake

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*** Arena Rigging Working Rope 15mm Viper - Length 13m ***

*** Arena Rigging Working Rope 15mm Viper - Length 13m ***

15 mm ARENA RIGGING - WORKING ROPE three-color for manual lifting during set ups. #ArenaRigging


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