Multi-Chain FIXE 110 cm Green

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This "Daisy-chain" strap with independent loops is one of the few on the market to be available at this price level.

Its independent loops give it better resistance to each ring and greater reliability in use.

Its thinness (10 mm) and its Dyneema structure make it a very technical product.

Innovative, high-strength belay station sling made from Dyneema 10 mm.

The high-strength Dyneema® core minimizes the weight while maximizing the strength.


* All rings can be loaded with 22 kN in every direction
* The sling comprises 8 small and one large ring
* Thanks to the large ring, the sling can also be used for aid climbing
* The risk of daisy chain misuse is eliminated
* Can also be attached to the harness using a chocker hitch
* The large ring is constructed with a half twist to sit perfectly in a chocker hitch knot


* Real Length: 110 cm
* 9 rings: 8 small and 1 large
* Color: Green, White & Black
* Standards: EN 566
* MBS: 22 kN (2200 kg)
* Mass: 88 g

Length110 cm
Width10 mm
Openning size100 mm by loop
MaterialPolyamid sheath and Dyneema® core
Breaking load22 kN (2200 kg)
StandardEN 566
Weight88 g
Other9 Loops

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Multi-Chain FIXE 110 cm Green

Multi-Chain FIXE 110 cm Green

FIXE CLIMBING Multi-Chain 110 - independent Multi-loop Dyneema strap for anchoring and length adjustments.


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