V chain double belay PITON PLX Stainless

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Double special PLX stainless steel PITON type anchor with V CHAIN - 80 mm rod - to anchor chemically.

2 x Ø 10 mm x 80 mm rod + 28 x 20 mm round wire ring and final ring internal Ø 34 mm.


Double anchors with V-chain, whether used with studs and plates or directly with chemically anchored pitons,
represent a major advantage in the field of technical anchors.

Not only do they improve security by providing a higher level of redundancy due to the two anchors,
but they also make it possible to better distribute the load on the anchors and respect the symmetry of certain assemblies.

In some applications of acrobatic rigging generating heavy loads and for which safety is a major factor (flying trapeze nets for example),
it is recommended to use double anchors with chain.


Duplex / PLX / HCR steel

As fall protection and quality anchors grows, so should our investment to safety.
Fixe Hardware is transitioning from Stainless Steel products to Duplex/PLX 1.4462 grade steel.
Duplex/PLX products are classified as High Corrosion Resistant steel (HCR) and are among the longest lasting units available.
The Duplex/PLX Stainless Steel products can be used in wet environments excluding areas directly exposed to chlorine.

This belay anchor is made with PLX (High Corrosion Resistant material) and incorporate two "Glue-in bolts" pitons.



 * Activity: Climbing, Rescue, Work at heights
 * Material: PLX / DUPLEX High Corrosion Resistant steel 
 * Manufacturer: FIXE Climbing
 * Standard distance between anchors: 200 mm
 * Height lost under the studs due to the chains: 190 mm
 * Length of the rod : 10 x 80 mm
 * Dimension of the first ring : 28 x 20 mm int.
 * Dimension of the final ring : 34 mm int. x 10 mm thickness
 * Weight: 630 g
 * Weldings: TIG under argon
 * Sika bonding or other proper chemical mortar
 * MBS - Minimal Breaking Strength: 35 kN (also 35 kN by piton)
 * Resistance superior to the equivalent of 12 kN of the standard on Professional FALL PROTECTION ANCHORS: EN 795 (2012)
 * Drilling 12 x 70 or 12 x 80 depending on whether you want to drown or not the base of the ring
 * Sold by piece


LengthPiton Rod 80 mm
WidthBetween the pitons 200 mm
HeightUnder the pitons 190 mm
ThicknessRing thickness 10 mm
DiameterRing Ext. 54 mm
Inside ØInt. Ring 34 mm
Outside ØExt. Ring 54 mm
Wire Ø10 mm
Openning sizePiton 28 x 20 mm
SafetyEquivalent to EN 795
MaterialSpecial Stainless PLX
Breaking load35 kN
StandardEN 959
Weight630 g

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V chain double belay PITON PLX Stainless

V chain double belay PITON PLX Stainless

Double special PLX stainless steel PITON type anchor with V CHAIN - 80 mm rod - to anchor chemically.


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