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The Dillon Quick-Check Tension Meter quickly measures tension in cable or rope.

This fantastic device allows measurements that no other device would be able to achieve.


Measuring tensions in cables and ropes

This instrument is specially designed to measure tension in cables and ropes.
The lever facilitates the installation of the device directly on the tensioned cable.
Its "crossbow" operation makes it possible to measure the tension in the cable or the rope, without disconnecting it, by a perpendicular pressure principle.
These features allow for quick and repeated measurements of many systems, as opposed to a traditional dynamometer that must be inserted beforehand into the component chain in order to measure the tension.


The Fastest Cable Tension Meter

The Dillon Quick-Check can be placed on a cable or a rope, measure its tension, and removed in under five seconds!
There are no complex lookup tables, no calculation and no conversion charts.
The operator can quickly select  the type of cable or rope from the Quick-Check’s memory.
The Check-Tensioning mode graphically displays the current and target tensions for extremely quick setting of line tension.


Broad Application

The Quick-Check can be employed in several areas such as lifelines, fall arrest systems, tower and stack guy wires, guy lines, lifting wire ropes, textile ropes, elevators, winch rope, overhead electric transit wires, aircraft cables, utilities, entertainment SFX wire, etc.
It is also compatible with measurements of modern ultra-static (high modulus) fibers such as aramids (Kevlar, Technora, etc.), HMPE (Dyneema, etc.) and PBO.
If necessary, the device can even be configured to measure the tension of an initially unplanned device: straps, elastics, bungee cords.


Calibration and Programming

WARNING ! The needs of each user being very different, the device is programmed at the factory with no type of cable or rope.
In its memory, the device can accept up to 20 different types of cables or ropes.
Each cable or rope is identified by a name generally corresponding to its diameter and construction.
Example: Cable N ° 1: 12MM 7X19
In order to program the type in the device. It is necessary to place the device on an exactly equivalent product and to parameterize it for several intermediate values.
This process is relatively long and requires knowing the tension of the line by means of another measuring device.
As a DILLON expertise and calibration center, Black Z is available to perform these calibrations for you.
Some settings can be made for free before delivery of your device. (See below)


Choice of sheaves

According to the same principle, the 3 contact sheaves of the device also have an influence on the measurement.
Each type of sheave is adapted to a given diameter range. Four types of sheaves exist:
* Sheave L: from 4.5 mm to 6,5 mm or 3/16"- 1/4";
* Sheave P: from 4.5 mm to 13 mm or 3/16"-1/2";
* Sheave S: from 6 mm to 19 mm or 1/4"- 3/4";
* Sheave: from 13 mm to 25 mm or 1/2"- 1".
The most popular sheaves and the most versatile for usual use are sheaves S.


Preparing your Quick-Check by Black Z

The unit comes with batteries, a tool and a carrying and protective case.
In the price of the device displayed above are also included:
* 3 calibrations offered for 3 types of cables or ropes of your choice
* 1 set of 3 sheaves of your choice
(to communicate to us during your order or by contact@BlackZ.shop)

Other types of cables or ropes can also be pre-encoded by us, in addition to the 3 offered, at a price of 80 € Tax Excl.
To do this, you can select the product "Additional Quick-Check Calibration" before finalizing your order.
Other kits of 3 sheaves can also be provided, in addition to the kit offered, for 210 € Tax Excl.
To do this, you can select the product "Sheaves for Quick-Check" before finalizing your order.
For any question, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email, we will answer you as soon as possible.


Without information = Basic configuration

If unfortunately we were unable to reach you, or if we did not have the necessary information to prepare your order,
your device will be configured in the following typical configuration:
* Type S sheaves
* N ° 1 = Steel Wire Rope 6MM 7X19
* N ° 2 = Steel Wire Rope 8MM 7X19
* N ° 3 = Steel Wire Rope 10MM 7X19


Shipping / Delivery of the device

For reasons of insurance, we do not recommend delivery via the Carrier Mondial Relay, this carrier is by default disabled for this product. If you still want this method of delivery, thank you to contact us by mail or phone.

The device is relatively expensive, shipping costs automatically include insurance in case of loss of the package by the carrier. If you don't want this insurance, please contact us by email or phone.

Length23 inch
Width10 inch
Thickness3 inch
Cable Ø3/16 inch through 1 inch
Precision3 %
WLL4500 kg (daN)
Weight11 lbs

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Quick Check Tension Meter

Quick Check Tension Meter

Tension Meter placed ans removed in seconds.


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