MARLOW T12 Technora - 5 mm

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Pure 100% Black TECHNORA 12 strands braided rope - Easy to splice.

This braid is a remarkable product for Theaters, Flying FX and Acrobatic Rigging applications.

It is particularly indicated for the suspension of lifting of people and for the circus apparatuses, for mechanical advantages, suspensions or guy lines.


TECHNORA® fibers, from the family of aramids, no longer has to prove itself today in the entertainment sector.

In many applications, it can replace the steel wire rope with a lighter, black, more flexible and less elongated product.
Everything you did before with steel cable, do it today with the MARLOW T12 !


Advantages :

 * RESISTANCE: the Technora T12 is more resistant as steel wire rope of equal diameter
 * LIGHTER: The T12 is 5 times lighter than steel wire of equal diameter
 * STABLE IN LENGTH: The T12 has a very low elongation when loaded
 * RESISTANT TO HEAT: Unlike DYNEEMA, Aramid Fibers have excellent temperature resistance (up to 550 ° C)
      With a loss of only 50 % of the resistance at 300 °C,
      ARAMID Fibers are the best choice in case of risk of contact with projectors or pyrotechnics.
 * ADVANTAGEOUS COEFFICIENT: thanks to its behavior close to steel, it is possible to take into account a Working Coefficient of 5 instead of 7
 * EASY TERMINATIONS: Using simple techniques, you can easily make eye splices and other splicing
 * ABRASION: Improved abrasion resistance thanks to ArmourCoat coating


Recommendations :

These new fibers nevertheless come with some constraints:
 * It is not recommended to tie knots on this type of rope
 * Modern splices, simple to make, allow to create end loops and connection eyes
 * As for steel cables, it is advisable to respect a ratio of generous diameter between the pulley and the rope: D:d = 20


Specifications :

 * Construction: 12 strand braid
 * Excellent temperature resistance
 * Good resistance to chemical agents
 * Very low elongation power < 1 %
 * Sold in several diameter (see product list)
 * Sold by the meter or in complete reels from 200 m (in case of need, contact us)
 * Sold as an option with splices made in our workshop (contact us)


Resistance : MBS : Guaranteed Minimum Breaking Strength (splice included) :

Ø Taille / Size [mm]3456789101112
CmR / MBS [kg]782156020802870339044305730703083409900
Masse linaire [g/m]6,813,718,225,129,638,850,161,673,086,6


Resistance : Av.BS : Average Breaking Strength (splice included) :

Ø Taille / Size [mm]3456789101112
Av.CR [kg]8501700227031203680481062307650906010800


Diameter5 mm
Breaking load2080 kg
Weight18.2 g/m

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MARLOW T12 Technora - 5 mm

MARLOW T12 Technora - 5 mm


The MARLOW T12 - Pure 12-Strand Braided Black Technora. Diameter and length of your choice.


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