PdS Pro Acrobatic Belt - CM-2PL0-QR33

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Professional Grade acrobatic safety belt handmade in small series in France by POINT de SUSPENSION - François PELAPRAT.

These acrobatic belt are among the only European products - certified EC by BlackZ for entertainment use - to achieve the quality level of Climbing Sutra or Amspec products (USA).


Premium quality acrobatic safety belt for entertainment, Aerial Acrobatics and Circus Arts.

Adjustable waist to adjust to all body shapes.

Lateral anchor points are small enough to be very discreet under a suit and large enough to easily connect a carabiner.

The components (webbing, buckles and rings) are black and the seams are always black by default.

Reference coding

A wide variety of details and finishes are possible on these belts which are made to measure in small series.

It is therefore important to understand the coding in order to choose the right model: (Meaning in French)

* C for single strap belt (Ceinture) - CM for Foam belt (Ceinture Mousse)
* 1PL for one side hanging point (Point Latéral) - 2PL for two side hanging points
* 1PLD for Right side hanging point (Droite) - 1PLG for Left side hanging point (Gauche)
* Many one-point belts (1PL) can be put on the right or left by simply fliping them
. The only difference is that the logo is then upside down
* O for the presence of a O ring - " " for a belt without a ring
* QR for a quick release clip buckle - FC for a normal loop without clip
* 45 for 45 mm wide straps - 33 for 33 mm wide straps

Example: C-1PLD-QR45 is a belt without foam, with one side point on the right without a ring and a quick release buckle, in webbing 45 mm

Example: CM-2PLO-FC33 is a belt with foam, with two side points with rings and a normal buckle, in 33 mm webbing

ATTENTION - No return possible for this equipment

In derogation of our general conditions, by ordering this product and validating it with your payment, you accept that these are tailor-made products which will be manufactured specifically on your request and cannot be modified or offered to other customers.
Consequently, the payment being to be validated at 100% at the time of the order, it will be impossible for you to cancel your ordering process or to return to us the products which will have been delivered to you.


* Corresponding sizes: adjustable from XS to XXL
* Adjustments in waist circumference from 30 to 102 cm
* MBS: Breaking strength over 1500 daN (kg) according to EN 358
* Weight of the user: maximum 100 kg
* Life time: 5 years
* Color: Black
* User Manual : Only in English and French

LengthWaist size: from 30 to 102 cm
Width45 mm
SizeAjustable XS to XXL
UAM100 kg
Breaking load1500 daN (kg)
ManufacturerPoint de Suspension

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PdS Pro Acrobatic Belt - CM-2PL0-QR33

PdS Pro Acrobatic Belt - CM-2PL0-QR33

PdS - Professional acrobatic belt - Made in France - Model CM-2PLO-QR33


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