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FUSE, the new mobile fall arrester from EDELRID, offers unrivaled quality from the first meters uphill and downhill on the rope.

It is the only mobile fall arrester on the market to combine four standards (EN 353-2, EN 12841-A, RfU 11.075 and ANSI Z359.15) in a single device – which is also compact and easy to use.


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Thanks to the integrated centrifugal brake, the device follows the belay rope from the first meter with incomparable ease, both uphill and downhill.

The integrated trigger lock function can additionally be used for work positioning or to secure the rope in strong winds.

With the FUSE constantly following him, the user always feels safe and can stay focused on the work at hand.

The device has a specificity of which the designers are particularly proud: "The unlocking and locking mechanisms of the FUSE are independent of each other!

This configuration is unique on the market and has many advantages", explains Lucas Taddei , Work Safety product manager.

This separation, as well as the absence of a toothed trigger, considerably preserve the quality of the rope. In addition, it allows the FUSE to be easily unhooked from the rope after a fall load.

The mobile fall arrester can be easily attached and removed from the rope, without having to unhook it from the harness.

In addition, the FUSE combines in a single device all the European and international standards applicable to large diameter ranges and the highest personnel loads.

The edge test according to the RfU additionally guarantees compatibility with horizontal work on edges with a risk of falling.

These characteristics, together with its enormous compactness, make the FUSE the most versatile model in its category.

Must be connected to a DEFUSER energy absorber (S, L or RESCUE), it offers a complete system, perfectly adapted to each use thanks to the different lengths and performance parameters.


* Particularly gentle on the rope thanks to toothless brake pads.
* Embedded RFID chip for simplified operational documentation.
* Edge tested according to RFU 11.075 and therefore approved for horizontal applications.
* Four standards met by one device
* Built-in cam lock feature for positioning in the workplace or securing the rope in high winds.
* Incomparable gliding movement up and down the rope from the first meter.
* Can be easily clipped/unclipped from the rope at any time without having to detach the device from the harness.


* Utilisable avec des cordes de 10 à 12 mm de diamètre
* Poids d'utilisateur maximum : 140 kg (sauvetage 220 kg)
* Poids : 420 g
* Norme : EN 12841-A, EN 353-2, ANSI Z359.15, PPE-R/11.075
* Matière : Aluminium
* Marque : Edelrid

Rope ØFrom 10 to 12 mm
WLLMaximum user weight: 140 kg (rescue: 220 kg)
StandardEN 353-2, EN 12841-A, RfU 11.075, ANSI Z359.15
Weight420 g

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FUSE is the brand new Edelrid fall arrester.


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