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KISA plates from KONG are a rare product on the market of connectors and belay systems.

They can be used to dissipate energy by friction, control a descent by friction or serve as a termination rigging plate for a rope sensitive to knots.

Due to their small size and low weight, they easily fit into a textile system in order to protect the most sensitive fibers (Aramids, HMPE, etc.) by offering them a round and smooth reception surface.


Initially developed as a lanyard absorber for sports and via ferrata, the KISA plate gave many ideas to experienced users to make other innovative and very versatile uses.

 * Being small and light, it fits easily into a system of ropes without inducing weight or inertia
* Due to its multi-hole design, it allows the passage of the S-shaped rope to dissipate energy by friction in the event of impact
* Due to its multi-hole design, it lets the user adapt the necessary friction force depending on the rope and circumstances
* By creating slack in the loops that pass through the KISA, it is possible to program an increasing and progressive absorption
* By its friction principle, it can also be used as a small descender or as a progressive tension release system (Quick-Release)
* For certain entertainment special effects or drops of objects, it provides many practical solutions


Fiber rope endings

Modern ropes use very high performance fibers that match or exceed the qualities of steel cables.
Unfortunately these fibers being very static, they lose a lot of resistance when used with knots.
In order to respect your fibers with a high modulus such as: Aramides, Technora, Kevlar, Vectran, PBO, HMPE, Dyneema, Spectra, etc., it is important to make terminations on large and round objects in order to guarantee good contact and a good diameter ratio D: d.

These large objects often have the disadvantage of being bulky and heavy.

A good idea is therefore to divert the use of small eight descender or a KISA plate in order to achieve suitable terminations.
Therefore, you can gain 30 to 50% of the resistance of the rope compared to the weakening of a knot.

As with splices, these techniques nevertheless require testing and ensuring the suitability of your method.


Manufacturer comments

The energy absorbers gradually absorb the shock caused by a fall thanks to the braked sliding of the rope in the pad.
The KISA (Kong Impact Shock Absorber) absorber allows two different diameters of the rope, inserted in different holes, to be used in order to achieve several degrees of friction and sliding. The user should carefully establish the most appropriate use of the tool and the length of the rope to slide.

The most appropriate positioning methods may vary depending on:
* the importance of the masses to be maneuvered
* the type of rope and its surface condition
* environmental and climatic conditions

For example, if the fibers are wet, friction is increased.

KISA can even be used to increase the safety of belay points (carabiners, plates, anchors) in critical situations/positions.



* Ropes cited by the manufacturer: between 9 and 11 mm
* Compatible ropes according to use: between 0.5 and 11 mm
* Weight: 330 g
* Dimensions: 105 x 49 x 9.4 mm
* Hole diameter: 5 x 11.3 mm + 1 x 9.2 mm
* Minimum Breaking Strenght (MBS): 13 kN (1300 kg)
* Maximum recommended working load: 5 kN (500 kg)
* Working Load Limit for Lifting (WLL): 3.25 kN (325 kg)


Length105 mm
Width49 mm
Thickness9,4 mm
Rope Øfrom 0,5 to 11 mm
Inside Ø11,3 and 9,2 mm
Breaking load13 kN (1300 kg)
StandardEN 958 (Via Ferrata)
Weight330 g

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KISA friction plate

KISA friction plate


KONG KISA rope termination or energy absorption rigging plate

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