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The Edelrid CORE + TOP is the most modular harness concept on the market:
Thanks to this modular system, it comes in single hips harness, independent shoulder straps, independent ventral blocker, full body harness and "Tree Core" arborist version.

The CORE + TOP harness is one of the most efficient harnesses on the market thanks to his Efficiency-Movement-Weight ratio.


A modular system

The EDELRID CORE system pushes the concept of modularity very far.

The straps are of course separable but especially:

 * Unlike other brands, the Ventral Blocker (CROLL) is also detachable: CHEST ASCENDER kit.
His little strap duplicates the pectoral ring and easily passes through the straps of the suspenders.

 * Unlike other brands, separate straps contain a back fall arrest anchor point.

 * Unlike other brands, the side rings (work positioning) are removable and can be placed at two locations on each side of the belt, further forward or further back.
An elastic allows you to tilt the ring backwards and hold it when you're not using it.
Without the metal rings (CORE SCREW D) the direct connection of these textile loops is also allowed.

 * Unlike other brands, it is possible to add the CORE SLIDING D kit to switch to arborist mode (high lateral mobility).
In this configuration, it is one of the only harnesses on the market that simultaneously offers the two functions - Ventral Ring and Arborist Bridge.
Allowing you to switch from one to another quickly and to modulate your functions on several points.

 * For even more comfort, large and washable foam PADS are available as an option.

To better understand the modularity of all the pieces, watch this video:


Seat Harness specifications only:

The Core is a fully equipped seat harness for industrial work and rescue operations.
We offer the version with simple Easy Glider adjustment buckles on the thighs.
A FAST CLIP type version called Triple Lock (TL) is also available on request.

 * Two Easy Glider buckles on the hips for symmetrically adjusting the harness to the body
 * Ergonomically cut padding for excellent wear comfort and maximum freedom of movement
 * Four textile eyelets anchor points on the sides (work positionning), with two removable aluminium Screw Gate D-rings (EN 358) (less weight)
 * Textile central eyelet, suitable to use with Screw-D-Single (central tie-in eyelet in aluminium) (less weight)
 * Easy Glider buckles for infinite adjustment and to make the harness easy to put on and take off
 * Four rigid gear loops for up to 12 carabiners ( Load: 25 kg)
 * Central, textile tie-in eyelet in accordance with EN 813
 * Mass: 880 g
 * Standards: EN 358 and EN 813


Suspenders specifications only:

Combined with the CORE harness, the CORE TOP torso makes it possible to create an integral FULL BODY HARNESS compliant with the EN 361 fall arrest standard.

 * Un anneau dorsal et un anneau sternal suivant la norme EN 361 pour fixer le système antichute
 * Deux boucles Easy Glider pour un réglage parfait, une devant, une derrière
 * Rembourrage en Y au niveau des épaules pour plus de confort. La forme du rembourrage garantit un positionnement optimal des sangles au niveau des épaules
 * Compatible avec le kit CHEST ASCENDER qui permet de placer un Croll intégré, sans changer toutes les bretelles
 * Compatible avec le kit VELCRO HOOK LOOP qui permet d'accrocher les longes sur des boucles velcro au niveau des bretelles.​​​​​​ (détachables en cas de chute).

 * A front and a back fall arrest eyelet (EN 361) for attaching the fall arrest system
 * Two Easy Glider buckles for precise adjustment, one at the back, one in the front
 * Y-shoulder padding for a comfortable fit. The shape of the padding optimally guides the strap across the shoulder area.
 * Compatible with the CHEST ASCENDER Kit which allows to place an integrated blocker, (CROLL) without changing all the suspenders
 * Compatible with the VELCRO HOOK LOOP Kit which allows to hang the lanyards on velcro loops at the shoulder straps (detachable in case of fall).
 * Mass: 550 g


Full Body Harness Specifications:

When the FULL BODY harness is complete, it meets the EN 361 standard.

 * Standrad: EN 361, EN 358 and EN 813
 * Weight: 880 g + 550 g = 1430 g
 * By comparison, a PETZL AVAO BOD at 2090 g is 46% heavier
 * Delivered with a very nice cylindrical bucket bag
 * Version usually stored in black



SizeOne size - S to XL
StandardEN 358, EN 813 and EN 361
WeightFull : 1430 g

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Without doubt the best harness on the market - Comfortable and fully versatile.


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