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The TECHNIC black harness from SINGING ROCK, simple, lightweight and economical.

Ideal for entertainment technicians looking for a black full-body harness with less width and less foam so they do not get too hot.

Black harness "TECHNIC standard" from SINGING ROCK.
Ref: W0063BB without the "Speed" buckle connection for an unparalleled quality.function / price ratio.


This harness has all the functions expected for a full body harness:
* Fall-protection function with two high points [A] : Pectoral and Dorsal
* Work positioning function with a Ventral point and two lateral points
* Convenient adjustment buckles for a good fit on the body
* Equipment holders for your accessories
* It does not open at the shoulder straps, which requires passing over the head but saves a carabiner, weight and discomfort.

This harness is ultimately very simple and practical, a little in the spirit of the first PETZL NAVAHO of the 1990s.
What allows it to be:
* Two times less expensive as complex harnesses, for equivalent basic functions
* Lighter and more compact to carry
* Much less covering and therefore much less hot


This harness has a very long life offered by the manufacturer:
* An excellent maximum life span of 15 years
* A period of use of 10 years
Which allows, in the sectors for which the use of the harnesses is rather weak compared to the professional rope access technicians,
such as the performing arts and the event industry:
* Little dirty work
* Little intensity in the duration of presence in suspension
to maintain harnesses in very good condition and not have to change them too often.


 * steel CHEST attachment point according to EN 361
* steel DORSAL attachment point according to EN 361
* steel VENTRAL attachment point for work in hanging position and rappelling according to EN 813
* steel LATERAL positioning points according to EN 358 are placed symmetrically (steel D-rings are flat and settled on a padding)
* easy-lock buckles enable fluent adjustment to fit the user's body
* 2 braided gear loops for tools and accessories with a bearing capacity of 10 kg
* slots designed for a secure hanging of expensive equipment (such as power saw, drilling machine...)
* identification and methodical label
* easy to install a r chest ascender (CROLL) thanks to the small buckle on the back of the strap
* Available sizes: See Photo - the standard is the size 1 = M/L
- Size 0 = S
- Size 1 = M & L
- Size 2 = XL
* Weight: 1620 g


 * EN 361
* EN 813
* EN 358

StandardEN 361 - EN 813 - EN 358 - NFPA Class III and ANSI Z359.1
Weight1620 g
ManufacturerSinging Rock

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TECHNIC standard - Black

TECHNIC standard - Black

The TECHNIC black harness from SINGING ROCK, simple, lightweight and economical.


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