REUTLINGER Cable Gripper Type 80 with DOUGHTY half coupler

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The one-of-a-kind REUTLINGER black cable grippers for event technology & entertainment rigging.

They can be repositioned without damaging the cable and no tools are necessary. Just unscrew the head, push and slide it.

The Reutlinger Cable Glider series provide an easy and secure method for attaching and adjusting loads on 4 to 8mm SWR without risk of damage to the cable.



These cable holders/gliders have been specifically designed for applications which demand compliance with the accident prevention reglulation BGV C1 and BGV D8+, such as over-head rigging, acrobatic rigging, human lifting, flyingFX, stage productions; fair booths, etc.

With this certification and a 12:1 design factor, you will be sure of their quality and reliability.



 * Safe, reliable and compliant
 * Time-saving
 * Simple one hand use without tools
 * Infinitely adjustable



Available in 3 sizes : Type 50, type 66 and type 80.

These grippers – developed in cooperation with the industry´s top experts – provide you with various crucial characteristics :

 * One hand is sufficient : the grippers are installed wholly without tools and are infinitely adjustable

 * Complete integration into the stage setting : due to the non-reflecting black zinc coating the grippers are barely visible in stage- and fair-booth applications

 * Secure load suspension : wherever the BGV C1 is valid the grippers can be loaded 80 kg with 12-fold safety-factor



TÜV GS and BGV C1 - Double – Tested and Double – Certified
REUTLINGER® grippers type 50SV II, type 66 and type 80SV II are not only certified as safe (GS) by the German TÜV, they have also been licensed by the German
Institution for Statutory Accident Insurance & Prevention for use in staging and production facilities BGV C1 and BGV D8+.
The test seal of the DGUV is conferred only after extensive examining of all load applications.
Further testing simulated most anticipated mis-applications.
REUTLINGER® gripper ranges 50, 66 and 80 are the only load-bearing devices certified by the DGUV for use in mobile production facilities.



Ø SWR Size4,05,06,06,35
Factor 10:1
60 kg120 kg135 kg150 kg135 kg240 kg
REUT. TypeType 50Type 50Type 66Type 66 Type 80Type 80
Factor 5:1
90 kg180 kg

270 kg

300 kg

270 kg

480 kg

SWR type6x7 or 6x196x7 or 6x19


6x196x19 or 6x376x19 or 6x37




Diameterfor pipe-diameters 45-50mm
Cable Ø6 to 8 mm
WLL190 to 330 kg

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REUTLINGER Cable Gripper Type 80 with DOUGHTY half coupler

REUTLINGER Cable Gripper Type 80 with DOUGHTY half coupler

Cable Holder suspension and Wire Rope Glider for entertainment over-head rigging and event technology.

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