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The Kong FROG is a revolutionary connector!

It locks automatically in contact with the anchor point.
On the market, it's the only CE product for sport and work that offer this function.

This product will allow you many other innovative uses.


Automatic locking at closure

The Frog is a very special connector, both in the shape and in the mechanism.
It completely changes the idea of ​​carabiner heard as "hook".
The insertion is incredibly fast and safe even for "far" anchors, not accessible with conventional carabiners.
It closes automatically when it comes into contact with the anchor.

Natural opening with two fingers

At the opposite, the action of the two fingers on the sides is necessary to unlock it.
This makes the FROG a dual action mechanism.


Applications for objects

Ideal for the needs of frequent and fast connections, the FROG has many possible applications in all areas of daily life.
In live performance, it allows fast, intuitive and discreet connections of lanyards or lifting systems.
In the field of BroadCast and Cinema, it is very popular for suspended Steadicams and fast security on the camera.
Example: ReadyRig GS; EasyRig Cinema; EasyRig Turtle X; Serene; KitSplit; Safety Hook; etc.
In the field of work at height, it is very convenient for connecting tools in safety.


Quick-Release like

Although it is not designed to drop a load like a sailing quick release for example.
The Frog can nevertheless be used to disconnect a low load by forcing on the opening.
For loads up to 20 kg, it can be opened by a very strong action of the fingers on the lateral gates.
This can have many benefits for special effects, magic and object appearances.



 * Complies with fall arrest at work standard EN 362
 * Complies with sport fall arrest standard EN 12275
 * Produced CE for the most demanding uses: Fall arrest
 * Accepts connections on supports up to 13 mm or 1/2 ''
 * MBS: Minimum Breaking Strength: 25 kN or 2500 kg
 * WLL: equivalent of a WLL lifting 625 kg (daN) with a coefficient of 4
 * With a lost distance of only 66 mm end-to-end, it is also one of the most compact connectors on the market
 * 11.5 mm diameter hole for the passage of rope, cable or strap
 * Mass of only 50 g
 * Made of high quality aluminum (7000 Series)


Variants of KONG FROG

The FROG CABLE is finished with a ring that allows it to be connected to a cable, a rope or another connector.
The other models of FROG are intended to be mounted on straps.

Produced after a long study in cooperation with the Polytechnic School of Milan.
High quality product totally developed and made in Italy!


Width51 mm
Height89 mm
Thickness12 mm
Inside Ø max 12,7 mm 1/2''
SafetyDouble action
Breaking load25 kN (2500 kg)
StandardEN 362/A/T, EN 12275/A
Weight50 g

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Quick connector with automatic closure in contact with the anchor point.


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