Tightwire A-frame - Wooden Platform

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Acrobatic A-frame in powder coated steel for tightened apparatus: TightWires and Slack lines

These A-frames are an excellent rigging solution for tightened apparatus
because they are aesthetic, dismountable, strong, practical and fully adjustable in width and height.

Due to their advantages, they present the best Function-Quality/Price ratio that you can find in this area.

Over time, they have become a standard in the Circus Arts sector, whether for amateurs, schools or professionals.

Model: Wooden Platform - without screw - 1 piece

* Mass: 0.5 kg

Several versions are available to you in the category.

Our models are fully modular in 50cm, 1m, 1,2m, 1,5m, 1,7m and 2m in height: by extending the legs and changing the central bar.

The lowest height is 50 cm, the highest height is 2 m.
Greater heights are available on request.

This equipment has many options located at the bottom of each product sheet.

Features and Benefits

These A-frames are easy to assemble. They can be assembled by a single person using a very simple technique of upside down or flat assembly followed by turning the A-frame over.

Their great strength and stability are ensured by the triangular shape and the quality of the supports.
The foot posts work in compression from the top to the base and the central bar located parallel to the ground takes up the horizontal forces so that the feet cannot slide outwards.

Due to this structural efficiency, the assembly remains light while being able to accept tens of times its weight under dynamic compression load.

Our round feet are aesthetic (48 mm) and can be sleeved on the basis of 50 cm, 70 cm and 100 cm tubes.
When they are inserted into the sleeve, a pressure button locks the assembly for greater security and to prevent rotation.

If you have the right central bars, you can transform your A-frame in a very short time depending on your needs or the constraints of the spaces in which you want to mount it. Extensions and center bars can be purchased separately to complete your kit.

Finally, due to their qualities and demand in the sector, they are equipment that is easy to resell and which retains excellent value over time. An investment without much risk whose versatility is unrivaled.


Initially designed for acrobatic activities and circus apparatus, this A-frame easel is also certified as a support for lifting equipment within the meaning of regulations on safety at work and European Directive 2006-42-CE on machinery, chapter 4 and chapter 6. In this context, it could for example serve as an offset mast or lifting goat.

The great strength of these A-frames allows them to accept loads of 1500 kg (daN) on the connecting pins and up to 2000 kg (daN) of compressive force coming from the tensioned element.

Their triangular shape, very stable by nature, is compatible with all types of soil and differences in level. The A-frame can accommodate floor slopes up to 15° at full load.

In the event of a difference in level, wooden blocks can easily be adapted to adjust the horizontality.

The foot plates adapt well to the ground so as not to slip.
The metal parts leave holes available so that they can be screwed or staked to the ground.
These holes are also a good way to secure the level adjustment shims.
The wooden or rubber pads are easily replaceable.

Cables, Straps and Slacks

The 50 mm width available at the top accommodates:
* All types of cables and their terminals
* All types of strops, tubular slings, straps and webbing - including the widest High lines and Slack lines

During certain uses in Slack Line, so that the frame does not move too much during the most dynamic jumps, it is possible to pass the strap in a zigzag between the pins in order to increase the level of friction between the strap and the rig.

Access and security

The upper platform is round and wide (> 450 mm), it offers a safe space for beginners.

It is easily customizable, changeable and dismantled, so you can replace it with a model of your choice if necessary.

Access to the platform is made easier by the presence of small rounded steps placed every 50 cm in height.

Securing the practice is facilitated by the gap left between the central bar and the ground.
With a height of 18 to 20 cm depending on the foot pads, it allows crash mat and foam track to be slid directly under the bar.


These A-frames enjoy exceptional transportability since no part is very bulky. A pair 2 m A-frames fit quite easily into a small city vehicle.

Anchoring options and complements

Based on this kit and its sleeved post module, we can a priori create any type of structure that would meet your expectations.

We have the following special options:
* Round hand support stick to be placed on the right or left
* Rubber foot pads for better grip
* Walking wires of different characteristics and lengths
* Various tensioning devices: Tirfor, lever hoists, turnbuckle tensioners, ratchet straps, etc.
* Various guy line devices: steel cable slings, connectors, straps, tubular slings, strops, etc.
* Platform modified according to the needs of certain shows or certain scenographies
* Custom heights made using tubes of dimensions adapted to your needs
* Heights greater than 2m

Our parts can usually be purchased separately:
* Pins, cables, feet, heads, platforms, tubes, center bars, foot pads, canes...

We can also study with you any technical anchoring request: chemical or mechanical anchors, threaded female sockets with plugs, rotating articulated rings, anchoring stakes, etc.

For all these complex options or for all your special requests, do not hesitate to contact us: contact@cat-s.fr.


These A-frames enjoy exceptional transportability since no part is very bulky. A pair 2 m A-frames fit quite easily into a small city vehicle.


This product is supplied with instructions for use and a CE certificate in French or English.
The descriptive technical drawing sheets which complete the instructions are also available in French and English.

This product remains dangerous equipment used in an acrobatic context which is itself risky, it is essential that it be put into service and commissioned by competent and experienced people who have the means to know the tensions created in the systems and who have read the instructions of use before any assembly.


* Materials: Black powder-coated steel frame
* Materials: Anti-slip wooden plywood platform
* Materials: Wooden or rubber pads
* WLL: 1500 daN (kg) on the pins
* WLL: 200 daN (kg) on ​​the wooden platform (offset to be limited depending on the lever arm)
* WLL: 2000 daN (kg) downward compression resulting from tension members
* Acceptable loads on the different pins: see the diagram in the instructions

ManufacturerCATS Engineering

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Tightwire A-frame - Wooden Platform

Tightwire A-frame - Wooden Platform

Acrobatic A-frame for tightened apparatus: TightWires and Slack lines - painted steel


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