90 cm Aerial Ring

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This aerial ring or flying ring is suitable for both professionals and beginners.

Composed of a steel tube of 25 mm diameter, ideal for a good grip, this acrobatic ring is suitable for all levels of practitioners who are expert or beginner.

Here proposed 90 cm diameter and without hook version.

Working and breaking loads :

Be careful, hoops are delicate apparatus from the point of view of solidity and rigidity because their circular shape is very deformable and does not naturally offer good rigidity against ovalization.
The breaking of the hoops is generally carried out in 3 stages:
* Up to 250 kg (daN), they behave elastically, a small initial elongation may nevertheless be noted
* Between 250 and 350 kg (daN), they behave plastically and will not return to their initial shape
This phenomenon can be considered as: an alert for the user and a certain energy absorption capacity
* Between 350 and 400 kg (daN), the tube begins to tear, generally in the area near the top rigging point
* Between 400 and 450 kg (daN), the absolute maximum is reached during the destructive test
* Under good conditions of use (symmetrical use) 2-point hoops are stronger than 1-point hoops.

Limitations of use:

Therefore, the limits of use are important to understand:
* For the sake of prevention, the hoops are given for the use of one person, use in duet is the responsibility of the users and those responsible for the activity
* The WLL of the hoops is given for 200 kg (daN), because beyond 250 kg (daN) they begin their plastic deformation
* This WLL of 200 kg (daN) is the maximum real force that can be exerted on the hoop for use considered normal, it is therefore up to the users and those responsible for the activity to be able to measure or calculate the masses and acrobatic dynamics in order to control the loads they exert on the hoop
* For example, a 65 kg user performing movements with a dynamic coefficient of 3 x his mass will cause a maximum force of 3 x 65 = 195 kg (daN), which is close to the authorized limit
* Any hoop that is damaged or permanently deformed must be destroyed and discarded
* Never attempt to straighten a deformed, twisted or oval hoop

Lifetime :

* The lifespan of these products is not theoretically limited in time: in fact, steel does not age particularly and there is no need to limit their theoretical lifetime
* Their practical lifespan, on the other hand, is not infinite, it will depend on the intensity of use and all the external phenomena that the hoop will have undergone during its life cycle
* In the context of classic use in leisure circus schools, it is recommended not to exceed a lifespan of 10 years
* Which is approximately equivalent to 5 hours of use per week over 500 weeks: or 2500 hours
* The main risk in relation to the intensity of use is the appearance of fatigue fractures in the steel, these cracks will generally appear in the area close to the rigging point
* It is therefore important, during annual inspections by a competent person, to always clear these areas of the presence of adhesive tape or protections in order to be able to inspect them in detail

Characteristics :

Tube 25 mm x 2 mm
Material : steel
Internal diameter : 90 cm
Attach point : no points
Weight: 3.5 kg
Color : Black

Other standard diameters available : 85 cm - 95 cm - 1 m - 1,05 m. See other products in the category.
Other versions with 1 or 2 hooks are also available. See other products in the category.

Other color on request (specify RAL color requested in your order).

Custom diameter on request.

DiameterPipe : 25mm
Inside Ø90 cm
Outside Ø95 cm
Load1 person
WLL200 daN (kg)
Breaking load450 daN (kg)
Weight3,5 kg
Versionwithout hook

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90 cm Aerial Ring

90 cm Aerial Ring

Aerial Ring


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