Stainless Rigging Hook

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Open stainless hook - Particularly useful in ARENA RIGGING to lower safety cables without letting go.

When assembling and disassembling entertainment equipment, it is common to need a temporary grip point to pull equipment towards you or a detachable hook that allows heavy equipment to be released into space without letting go suddenly and risk damaging projectors or video screens.


This situation is very common in ARENA RIGGING, when it is necessary to tear down and release the safety slings in order to be able to lower the trusses.
From its position, the up-rigger cannot let go of the cable without the risk of doing damage, so it needs a small open hook in order to gradually lower the upper end of the cable and release it smoothly.


Our STAINLESS STEEL HOOK has an ideal weight and size for handling safety slings in arena rigging.
Its deep hook (50 mm) and its sufficiently thick wire (10 mm) allow a good hold of the thimble in the hook.
Due to its long shape and its mass, the hook remains straight and is easily unhooked from the cable.

For other uses, this hook can also be used as a small tension hook:
Either to take up the tension of an adjustment 'STAC' chain when it needs to be shortened or lengthened,
either to create small technical deviations, in particular for work in suspension, during positioning at work.

By accommodating all the standard pipes of your scaffolding and your aluminum trusses (48 to 50 mm) this hook becomes a very versatile tool that can fulfill many functions.

For circus apparatus, it is particularly useful for rappelling up, when the apparatus has to be raised so as not to clutter up the scenography.

This hook is of course not a PPE or a fall arrest product.



Specs :


* Hook: Stainless Steel
* Overall length: 245 mm
* Eye opening size: 22 mm
* Hook opening size: 50 mm
* Steel Wire Diameter: 10 mm
* Weight: 245 g
​* Brand: BlackZ cutom product

Length250 mm
Width75 mm
Thickness10 mm
Rope ØHole 22 mm
Inside Ø56 mm
Wire Ø10 mm
Fonction(s)Progression hook
WLL300 kg (daN)
Weight243 g
ManufacturerBlack Z

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Stainless Rigging Hook

Stainless Rigging Hook

Open stainless hook - Particularly useful in ARENA RIGGING to lower safety cables without letting go.