Safety Net Pole Plate

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Designed for the installation of safety nets of Flying Trapeze Rigs, these stainless steel plates make it possible to avoid that the bridle pulley do not work well flat.

Without these plates, the connectors tend to skew on the tops of the pole and drive the pulley out of the horizontal axis.

With these plates, the connection of the post remains easy thanks to the central hole but the whole remains flat on the top of the pole to ensure a good position of the ropes in the pulley.


Compact and solid plate in 316 L (A4) stainless steel.

Very good life duration outside.

Bended according to the usual angles of the nets and guy lines, they leave a good freedom of rotation to the shackle in order to accept the loos due to changes of angles during falls in the safety net.


 * Stainless Steel 316 L (A4)
 * Thickness: 10 mm
 * Total length: 190 mm after bending
 * Width: 60 mm
 * Diameter of the holes: 20 mm
 * Color: Stainless
 * WLL: 1250 daN (kg)
 * MBS: 5000 daN (kg)
 * Suitable with any High Resistance forged 2 t BOW SHACKLE (see below)



Length190 mm
Width60 mm
Thickness10 mm
Inside Ø20 mm
MaterialStainless Steel 316 L (A4)
Breaking load> 5000 daN (kg)
Weight780 g
ManufacturerCATS Engineering

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Safety Net Pole Plate

Safety Net Pole Plate

Flying Trapeze - Pole Top Plate to receive the shackles of the bridle of the safety net.